Volvo is fully on the Tesla course: from 2030 only electric cars, online sales, fixed prices

Another established car manufacturer has announced the final and complete move away from combustion engines: Volvo Cars, a subsidiary of the Geely Group from China since 2010, only wants to sell all-electric cars from 2030, the company announced on Tuesday. A completely new family of electric cars is to be brought onto the market in the coming years. And similar to Tesla, the focus of the marketing of these models will be on online channels in the future.

Volvo sees the future in electric cars

“There is no long-term future for cars with internal combustion engines,” said the company’s technology director in a press release on Volvo’s determination. The switch to electric cars ensures that Volvo can meet the expectations of its customers and become part of the solution in the fight against climate change.

Before Volvo and probably also driven by Tesla, several traditional manufacturers have already given dates for saying goodbye to the internal combustion engine. These include Jaguar (only electric cars from 2025) or General Motors in the USA (only locally emission-free cars from 2035), and Ford wants to be purely electric at least in Europe by 2030. In Germany, Volkswagen is also on the Tesla course with electric cars and software in many respects, but CEO Herbert Diess recently did not want to name a fixed year for saying goodbye to combustion engines.

Volvo, on the other hand, has already founded the subsidiary Polestar for pure electric cars with Geely and now wants to convert its own brand as well. The first all-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge has been on the European market since last year. Instead of investing in a shrinking business, the company is now investing in the future, said CEO Hakan Samuelsson. Volvo wants to become a leader in the rapidly growing premium electric car segment.

Online sales like at Tesla

This is also achieved through a change in the sales model, which also brings back memories of Tesla. The new electric cars should all only be available online, according to a second Volvo announcement on Tuesday. To this end, they will invest massively in their own online channels, radically reduce the complexity of the product range and introduce transparent and fixed price models. Nevertheless, the trading partners should remain an important part of the customer experience and take on tasks such as sales, preparation, delivery and maintenance of cars.


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