Volvo now in 2-D: Swedish manufacturer changes its logo

In the past few years, most automakers have had theirs Logos in a more minimalistic variant modified – now it’s the same at Volvo. While at VW, BMW, Opel and most recently Dacia, the new brand emblem was accompanied by a detailed explanation, the Swedes think differently: They have changed their trademark everywhere without comment. It is clear that the Swivel to the two-dimensional logo at manufacturers also has to do with digitization. This variant is easier to see on small screens than a 3-D version.

Volvo models at

Otherwise that will change logo but only in detail. The characteristic circle with arrow (an ancient symbol for the god of war Mars with his iron weapons, which was later adopted by the Swedish steel industry) becomes slimmer. The Volvo lettering is still in the center, but no longer in the form of a badge.

New Volvo logo in simple black and white

The letters seem a bit smaller and maybe a tad narrower than before. The whole thing is now simply black and white, while Volvo previously used the colors silver and blue. Not only the cars will be reduced at Volvo in the future logo wear, the truck division is also adopting the new emblem.

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