Volvo XC90: new generation should drive autonomously at market launch

Volvos electric XC90 successor should already ex works for autonomous driving be equipped. As the Swedish manufacturer has now announced, the production model of the Concept Recharge will always be over Lidar technology and numerous other sensors feature. End of 2022 intended for US customers California highways being able to take your hands off the wheel.

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Volvo’s newer “Ride Pilot” gives the SUV autonomous driving according to level 3. Within defined system limits, the vehicle is allowed to use the Control of the ride are given. It means that In the future, the car will drive itself in traffic jams and on motorways and the driver can concentrate on other things. Volvo assumes responsibility for the vehicle. An iris lidar sensor from the supplier Luminars should make the technology possible. Also support five radar systems, eight cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors the autonomous driving system when making decisions.

For now only in the USA and then in China

The sensors will already be installed in Germany, but the ride pilot will still be a long time coming. It is true that the legal framework for Level 3 has now been set in this country; until the first vehicles can really drive autonomously, it will take a while. Admission is actually not that easy.

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