Voting machine maker sues Trump attorney for conspiracy theory

Dominion says he spent more than half a million dollars in the indictment against Powell to protect his employees from the death threats. These were done after President Donald Trump’s former lawyer spread conspiracy theories about Dominion’s voting machines, including interviews on TV channels like Fox News.

The Colorado company is now claiming $ 1.3 billion in damages from Powell, who must also retract all false claims about the voting machines.

Plot went viral on social media

The lawyer stated that Dominion’s voting machines would be set up so that Joe Biden would always be the winner of the presidential election, but she had no proof. Despite this, Powell’s claims went ‘viral’ among supporters of Donald Trump and spread on social media for months.

Employees threatened with death and stalked

Trump fans then made multiple death threats against Dominion employees. The company also says its employees have been stalked and harassed by the Trump supporters.

Dominion says he has already spent more than $ 1 million in an attempt to repair his reputation damage.

Trump admits defeat

After the election, Trump claimed widespread election fraud, but his team was unable to provide any evidence.

The president admitted for the first time on Friday that he lost the election.


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