Vranitzky and Schüssel: How Austria left the Nazi shadow behind

bowl says he encountered “relatively little resistance” at the time. “The time was ripe for it.” But every country has a hard time admitting its contribution to the misdeeds of fascism.

Bowl to youth: “I’m not scared”

And what about this awareness today? moderator Lou Lorenz-Dittelbacher quotes from a study among 1,200 students who uncovered massive gaps in historical knowledge. 81 percent of respondents had given an incomplete or incorrect definition of anti-Semitism. How should one fill these gaps, arouse the interest of the youth?

It’s not just about knowledge, emphasizes bowl. It’s about the attitude. “And when I look at today’s society and especially the young generation, I’m not afraid.”

He doesn’t think anyone with anti-Semitic or racist prejudices in Austria can get through. With the ideas from back then “nobody would make a career today”. Because: “There is an overwhelming majority in society that would defend itself.” This is also a success that Austria has fought for over the decades.

Vranitzky: “Mustn’t withdraw us”

bowl and Vranitzky were together in one for eight years government and have Austria with in the European Union guided.

Vranitzky was chancellor at that time. The European project was also born out of fear of a third world war, he explains. In this Europe not everyone should retreat to their own country and go their own way.

“To say that we are the best and the most beautiful is not enough. We have to join forces and not give up in the trade wars we are currently experiencing,” emphasizes Vranitzky.


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