Vrimibos and bland office humor at the kitchen table

All day at home at the kitchen table behind your laptop. Together with your partner, roommate or animal, or alone. Without the (silly) office humor and the daily coziness of your colleagues. Fortunately, there is a world of job satisfaction to discover online.

Abdominal muscle quarter

She was never “such a type”, but since PR manager Susanne (26) joined EVDM Agency, she has been working out fanatically. With her colleagues. Because of working from home, that was not the case now, she thought, until a customer came up with an online fitness program. The team is now taking part in this. “Every morning at a quarter to 8 the abdominal muscle quarter and in the afternoon we do half an hour of cardio and strength training. At that time we all put the laptop away for a workout in the living room, with household attributes: from toilet rolls to pans and brooms. ” Her boss has obliged the team to participate, says Susanne. “It is very good if you stay fit and healthy if you regularly close your laptop. Normally we do that too, by going outside the block or doing something else. Because of the training, you now also have that interruption at set times. ”

Never have lunch alone

The Aimforthemoon company team also sweats together in the living room, says Willemijn, who is responsible for the community. “At the end of each day, people can dial into a channel and we do a challenge: who can squat or plank the longest?” And there are many other channels and initiatives: one channel is open all week if you just want to chat with someone, drink coffee or do not feel like having lunch alone. Slack channel “Kitchen Talk” is set up to share lunch recipes and results, there is a virtual Friday afternoon drink and birthdays are not forgotten. “We sang to a 18-year-old colleague through Google Hangouts, with everyone raising their voices just to be on the screen.” Of course we also work: a number of online meetings are structurally on the agenda. That agenda is filling up faster than usual, because it is more difficult to tune something if you cannot walk past each other, Willemijn notices. “You schedule an appointment for everything. Such a call takes longer than expected, because you first talk extensively. I also think it’s amazingly well done. ”

Vrimibos and bland office humor at the kitchen table
Who can squat or plank the longest? | Photo: Getty Images

Stick online

At GroupMapping, the company where Tom works, the weekly, now online, meetings have been expanded from two to four. The social goal is paramount: how is everyone doing? On Wednesday afternoon the meeting crosses the company boundaries, everyone is invited to join. “We want to bring people together to think about how we can meet this new challenge. We have all been at home for a long time, what have you learned in the past two weeks? ” In any case, Tom himself has learned that if you are not careful, you will soon hang around your laptop for too long and will not take breaks. He and his colleagues ensure that those breaks are not forgotten even during virtual meetings. “Just go to the toilet or coffee, then the channel will simply remain open. We also do that during meetings at the end of the day. Normally everyone closes the screen as soon as possible, now more and more people ‘hang’ online to chat. Just like you would in the office. Only now my friend shouts from below that there are three children who should be fed. I appreciate that very much from being at home: you get things from your children that you otherwise miss. ”

Still too late

“What I find very funny is that people perform too late to show up for online appointments,” says Jean-Pierre, who works as a self-employed person for a large company in Brabant. “The best thing is that they are exactly the same people as always and then we can’t help but mention that: ‘was it such a long walk?’ Or people who are sitting in their home suits behind the laptop: ‘ did you just roll out of bed? ”The office humor has also found its way online. In common WhatsApp groups – as is currently the case with everyone – all kinds of funny videos and memes are forwarded, but mandatory teleworking also requires serious attention. “If I notice that a colleague is struggling on a personal level, I will call in the back instead of just typing a message.” Providing a listening ear to each other is important, even when it is not really important matters. “I also just had a colleague on the phone who has two small children at home, he also has to lose his egg.” The weekly drink continues on Friday afternoon, with a beer and games, such as a pub quiz via Kahoot. “The score is kept and you can win something. The only question is when you can collect your prize. ”

Vrimibos and bland office humor at the kitchen table
The office humor has also found its way online. “Did you just roll out of bed?” | Photo: Getty Images

Friday afternoon drink

You don’t have to tell Anique, an applied psychologist and founder of Rebelpoint, about the virtual Friday afternoon drink. Together with colleagues Sharon and Margreet and a number of partners, she organized a large-scale drink last Friday in which around a hundred people joined online. “At half past three we opened the channel, a DJ played music. People could request numbers, we did rounds of dilemmas and statements that could be responded to with “hand up, hand down.” And that happened, the interaction was really there. People sat comfortably on the couch, alone, with pets on their lap or with a partner or children next to them. It was a very diverse group of people. ” The digivrijmibo was a great success and it is planned that next Friday at half past five, and who knows how many Fridays after, more people will join. Everyone is welcome “If we manage to reach the 500 participants, we are very proud. The reactions are good: “I really had a shit day today, but I am completely happy now.” We want to keep the positive energy in these times, which is very important. ”

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Vrimibos and bland office humor at the kitchen table


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