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VVD member Dijkhoff finds discussion of whether or not to vaccinate ‘bizarre’

According to VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff, the discussion about whether or not to vaccinate against the coronavirus is “bizarre”. According to him, an obligation is not necessary, but he does think that everyone should get the injection as soon as it is available. “Choose yourself, but choose to do it,” he says during VVD-live, from Ede

“We should thank science for having it and stand in line for it,” he says of the promising vaccines that several companies are still working hard on. “Be glad that protection is there, and protect each other as well.”

Dijkhoff says he understands that people want to know how it is possible that the pharmaceutical industry is already so advanced with a vaccine, while it normally takes years. But he points out that an abnormal amount of work has been put into this in recent months.

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“Never before so many resources for vaccine”

“The whole world is a potential victim, the virus is spreading like crazy, the economic damage to society is enormous,” says Dijkhoff. “I don’t think there has been so much pressure, so much resources and so much will to come up with a vaccine before.”

Party colleague Hayke Veldman said during a corona debate in the Lower House last week that he can imagine that it will have consequences if people do not get vaccinated. However, such an “indirect duty” met with much opposition from other parties.

“Frikandellen, no vaccine”

Someone on Twitter makes a comparison between eating frikandelles and not getting vaccinated: “You’ve been eating frikandelles all your life. But you refuse to be vaccinated because you don’t know what’s in it. ” A separate metaphor, but someone else thinks it’s a “good point, to be honest.”

Another responds to this, and indicates that she will only be vaccinated if she knows what a vaccine contains.

“Top of aso”

Still, many people find vaccination important. For example, Koen compares the corona vaccine with the polio vaccine. “Try to think for a moment what would happen if only 70% of the population were vaccinated with the polio vaccine. Because, hey, no one can oblige us. ”

One Twitterer even calls not vaccination “the pinnacle of ASO”.

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VVD’s Dijkhoff thinks discussion of whether or not to vaccinate ‘bizarre’


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