VW Beetle & T1 Camper: Create your individual Playmobil car

You can now create and buy your individual(!) VW Beetle or VW T1 Camper as a Playmobil model. That’s how it’s done.

Update April 6, 2022:

Playmobil has launched its “Volkswagen configurator”. You can use it to create the Playmobil model of a VW T1 camper or a VW Beetle


shape. For example, with roof and exterior color, stickers and custom license plates. You can also choose your Playmobil figures to match. You can then buy the finished product in the online shop. It will then be manufactured according to your wishes.

You can find the Playmobil Volkswagen configurator here.

update end

Playmobil VW Bus T1 Camper and VW Beetle

For classic car and/or VW fans, Playmobil sells two real delicacies on Amazon:

Buy the VW Camping-Bus T1 for 46.99 euros

Buy a 1960 VW Beetle for €38.99

VW Bus T1

The red and white VW bus shows the first generation of the Bullis. This was factory-designated as the T1 and is immediately recognizable by the split windscreen. The bus model also has the side-opening flap door and no sliding door, as is known from the later VW buses. You can read all the details about the different generations of the VW bus here: VW Bus T1 to T6.1 – the history of the cult transporter.

Playmobil: VW Beetle and VW Bus T1 Camper now as models


Playmobil: VW Beetle and VW Bus T1 Camper now as models

© Playmobil

The Playmobil model is a camping bus with a corresponding number of accessories. The folding roof – also with a roof rack – can also be removed from the bus. Two figures are included. You can also open the bonnet and admire the engine on the T1 model.

Scope of delivery:

4-part play figure set with instructions: 1 VW bus, 2 figures, 71 accessories, material: plastic

LxDxH vehicle including luggage rack:

11x25x13 cm, scale (model car): approx. 1:17, weight: 486 grams.

Buy the VW Camping-Bus T1 for 46.99 euros

VW Beetle from 1960

The blue VW Beetle with a folding roof is intended to show the 1960 model. According to Playmobil, it offers space for four figures (the original Beetle limousine was a five-seater), three figures are included. There are also plenty of accessories such as a suitcase and a surfboard. These two pieces can conveniently be placed on the Beetle’s roof rack. Such roof racks were very popular with the original Beetles because the Beetle was not suitable for transporting large and bulky objects due to the engine mounted in the rear and the lack of loading options from the rear into the vehicle interior. You can open the bonnet of the Beetle to see the air-cooled boxer. The roof can also be removed.

Scope of delivery:

52-piece playset with instructions. 1 VW Beetle, 3 figures, 48 ​​accessories, material: plastic.

LxDxH vehicle including luggage rack:

10.5×23.5×10.5 cm, scale (model car): approx. 1:17, weight: 345 grams.

Buy a 1960 VW Beetle for €38.99

You can now buy both Playmobil models for EUR 38.99 and EUR 46.99 respectively.

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