VW boss Diess: Every e-car sold costs the company thousands of euros

Obviously not really worth it for Volkswagen so far: The E-Up.

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Volkswagen wants to have turned the corner by the middle of this decade. Then the group no longer wants to earn its money primarily with combustion engines, but with e-cars. A speech by VW CEO Herbert Diess to top managers of the group at the beginning of June shows how far the road is until then. has extracts from the minutes of the internal meeting.

Accordingly, Diess admitted that Volkswagen could not even cover the costs incurred with the e-cars currently sold. “With the electric vehicles that we have today, on the golf platform, on MQB, or on the PQ platform with the Up !, we have negative profit margins – with the Up! around 4,000 to 5,000 euros, ”said Diess according to the protocol. “That means everyone sold Up! costs us more than double the fines to get the CO2– goals to be achieved – [das ist] so not a sustainable, target-oriented way of being compatible. Almost the same applies to the Golf. ”The“ Automobilwoche ”reported on a“ negative contribution margin of up to 5000 euros ”in June.

E-car market is still a niche in Europe

This is likely to affect CO2– Obtain goals that the European Union has imposed on car manufacturers. After 2020, new cars in the EU may only emit a maximum of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer. If the values ​​are not adhered to, penalties are due depending on whether the target is missed. This should encourage carmakers to develop more environmentally friendly cars, especially e-cars.

But the e-car market is still little more than a niche in Europe. Volkswagen, too, paid little attention to the new technology for a long time. This is why his previous e-cars, E-Up and E-Golf, are not based on their own platform specially designed for e-cars, but on old combustion platforms. This means that installing the battery in the car is expensive manual work, which drives up production costs.

According to VW, the basic price for the E-Up small car is just under 22,000 euros. The car is manufactured in the VW plant in Bratislava (Slovakia). The basic version of the E-Golf costs just under 32,000 euros. It rolls off the assembly line at VW’s main plant in Wolfsburg. The E-Up in particular turned out to be a best seller.

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However, Volkswagen still wants to land the big e-car coup. The ID.3 should come onto the market in autumn. The car will be assembled on its own platform at the VW plant in Zwickau and the cheapest option will cost less than 30,000 euros. And unlike its two e-car predecessors, the ID.3 should also be profitable for the group. “We will achieve positive contribution margins with the first vehicles on the MEB platform,” said Diess according to the protocol.

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