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The Caddy California offers great freedom in a small camper

Small, compact and more popular than ever: car campers. Now VW is also upgrading commercial vehicles and offering the new Caddy with camping equipment. high roof combination is that perfect compromise between car and van. The veteran in this class is the VW Caddy. The small van is now in its fifth generation to move people and cargo. The new series now shares the modular transverse matrix from the VW Group, among other things, with the Golf 8. A big win for the Caddy, both in terms of appearance and driving.

Without water supply but with an optional kitchen module

VW Caddy California Maxi 4Motion

The stove in the upper pull-out is protected from the wind by the cover flap.

© Volkswagen AG

That’s him: Multifunctional, fully networked and fully suitable for everyday use. The little camper is nicknamed California, like its big brothers on a Bulli and Crafter basis. California is therefore not just an equipment name, but the epitome of wanderlust. It’s a little different with the Caddy. For most customers, he is more likely to be a loyal partner for those little vacations in between. Because the camping growth from VW is coming without water supply and plumbing therefore. A stand for cooking optional kitchen module available in the stern with gas cooker and drawers. You can choose from short and long wheelbase as well as variants with or without a kitchen block. The 4Motion all-wheel drive has also recently become available. The Caddy California starts at 30,000 euros. With a long wheelbase and all-wheel drive, camping fun starts with the Caddy 38,955 euros. (Overview: Campervans at the Caravan Salon 2021)

The panorama roof provides a view of the starry sky

VW Caddy California Maxi 4Motion

The panorama roof over the bed is a highlight in the vehicle.

© Volkswagen AG

He has: Our test vehicle has almost everything that the special equipment list from VW Commercial Vehicles has to offer. This is how the test car price adds up at the end an impressive 54,870.90 euros. Whereby extras such as the 17-inch aluminum rims called Colombo black high-sheen with glaze finish in gold beige for 1363 euros may look chic on photos, but are probably not of interest to end customers. A better The mini kitchen is an investment for just 50 euros more with a single-burner gas cooker and including motorhome approval. That ensures unique camping moments fixed panoramic roof with a view of the starry sky at night! There is no such thing even with expensive motorhomes. Surcharge: 976 euros. For a little more independence from the weather, VW offers a matching rear tent.

Technical specifications
Motorization 2.0 TDI
power 90 kW (120 PS) at 2750-4250 rpm
Displacement 1968 cm3
Torque 320 Nm at 1600-2500 rpm
Top speed 185 km / h
Gearbox / drive Six-speed manual / all-wheel drive
Tank capacity / type of fuel 50 l / diesel
Length Width Height 4853/1855/1836 mm
Wheelbase / tires 2970 mm / 215/55 R 17
Empty weight / payload 1939/561 kg
maximum weight allowed 2500 kg
Trailer load (braked / unbraked) 1500/750 kg
Material wall / roof / floor sheet
Lying area rear L x W 1980 x 1070 mm
stove 1 flame
Gas supply / heating 1 x 1.8 kg / auxiliary heater
Base price 38,954.65 euros
Test car price 54,870.90 euros

A large number of safety assistants are on board

VW Caddy California Maxi 4Motion

Greater driving comfort with the newly designed rear axle including Panhard rod and coil springs.

© Volkswagen AG

This is how he drives: Agile, dynamic and comfortable. The decisive factor is that newly developed rear axle. Now do one Trailing arm guided rigid axle with Panhard rod and coil springs good service in terms of driving comfort. Even with quick corner changes during the test drive, the Caddy stays calmly and confidently on track. the great headroom especially tall people will appreciate it very much. The seats themselves offer good lateral support even on long journeys. There are also pluses for the precise and smooth steering. The Caddy and Golf not only share the modular system, but also all kinds of technology. As is known from the car division, there is one Variety of security assistants. An emergency brake assistant with pedestrian and cyclist detection and a lane departure warning system are standard equipment on board. Lane change assistants, traffic sign recognition, environment monitoring systems, emergency assistants, parking assistants and trailer maneuvering assistants as well as distance control are available as special equipment. An often underestimated safety feature is good visibility at night. With the LED main headlights including bad weather and cornering lights as well as dynamic headlight range control the best view is guaranteed even in the dark. With intuitive usability and good route guidance, the price is 2,422 euros The Discover Pro navigation system with a 10-inch color touch screen is definitely a good choice with the extras.

Conclusion: The base scores with safety, practicality and driving pleasure. The California camping extension is easy to use, self-explanatory and absolutely sufficient for small excursions. And there is an extra point for the panorama roof.

Camping accessories to offer

Reimo sun canopy Mauritius

Price *: 149.00 euros

Skandia Moonchair Sirkka

Price *: 69.95 euros

Frankana Freiko Resty garbage separator

Price *: 17.50 euros

Paramondo awning

Price *: 499.00 euros

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso machine

Price *: 89.90 euros

* Price: Amazon price on September 7th, 2021

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