VW Crafter for 266 euros in business customer leasing

Of course, the VW Crafter impresses above all with its space. The “Eco Profi” is available in two versions: as a normal panel van and as a panel van plus. The latter comes with a second row of seats — but therefore also offers less storage space.
With a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tons, 102 hp, two seats and a maximum towing weight of 5.5 tons, the basic panel van is a confident partner for everyday work. The price is at least 36,402.10 euros. However, business customers currently have the opportunity to lease the Crafter at attractive conditions!
The VW Crafter panel van can currently be leased from (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) for 266 euros net per month. No deposit is required with this offer. Customers receive the cheapest rate with a contract period of 60 months and 10,000 free kilometers per year (266 euros net).
Contract terms of 48 (EUR 289 net), 36 (EUR 334 net) and 24 months (EUR 405 net) are also possible. And if 10,000 kilometers per year is not enough, you can increase it to 15,000 or 20,000 kilometers. (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Two years of VW Crafter drive for 10,433 euros

In addition, there is a one-time payment of the transfer costs in the amount of 713.45 euros net. With a term of two years, the total leasing costs are 10,433.45 euros net (24 times 405 euros plus 713.45 euros). In return, business customers receive the panel van with the following equipment, among other things: 75-liter tank, sliding door on the right-hand side of the load compartment, lighting in the load compartment and the “Plus” multifunction display.

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