VW Financial: Just stay flexible: This is how the clever new offer works

As flexible and easy as streaming

You can buy, rent, lease, share a car – or simply subscribe to it today. Around 60,000 people in Germany are already using a car subscription for their own personal mobility transition – a trend that is rapidly picking up speed. Why? All the major benefits come here!

Regardless of whether you want to drive safely through winter with the whole family or explore Europe by car in summer: the VW FS car subscription is sure to find the right model.


In For a long time, being able to use the car that fits perfectly in every phase of life was only possible with a lot of cost and effort. Or it fordered enormous restrictions, because neither sharing, renting nor leasing can combine high flexibility with maximum reliability and cost control – especially not buying. That is why car subscriptions are all the rage. With them, cars are available at a fixed price as easily as the favorite series on the streaming portal or the fresh vegetables in the organic box. I.Some providers now offer special car subscriptions. The package from Volkswagen Financial Services, VW FS | for short, which has been available since September 2020, scores with many individual advantages Car subscription. Only top-quality, young used cars, with conventional drives and electric cars, in different vehicle classes, with variably selectable running times and without constant worrying are available – there are no vehicle tax or appointments for maintenance or general inspections. In short: This car subscription is not only convenient, but also extremely attractive for every car enthusiast, because he can always choose the right vehicle class for his needs.

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There are many good reasons for a car subscription

Buying or leasing is more likely to be aimed at a long-term relationship. Rental cars and district cars make a lot of sense if mobility is only important for hours or a few days. The VW FS | Auto Abo, on the other hand, is ideal for anyone who would like to use a car for longer, but would like to change the model. For example, for singles who want to be permanently mobile at home – but prefer a larger vacation vehicle for the summer to be out with friends. Or for the family who have a second car to cope with everyday life, but who rely on an SUV in winter to easily drive into the mountains. A car subscription is also ideal for anyone who wants to try out how well e-mobility actually works in everyday life without risk. This is ideal especially for beginners in electronics. Can they drive the fully electric Volkswagen ID.3 in real operation in order to get a better feeling for driving behavior, range, charging process and speed. In addition, the car subscription scores with quick availability of the electric vehicles and flexible terms.

Just try electromobility? That’s with the VW FS | Car subscription is no problem – for example with the fully electric VW ID.3.


Renowned car experts foresee that car subscriptions not only close gaps, but also have the potential to revolutionize the mobile world with their advantages. The rapid growth of the industry and the satisfaction of the customers prove them right: of the roughly 60,000 car subscribers in Germany, an astonishing 89 percent are happy with their decision and would make it again. A current forecast says that up to a million vehicles will be on the road by subscription by 2030. According to recent studies, however, interest in owning a vehicle is falling noticeably. The main reasons are excessive and incalculable expenses. The experts rate the simple control of all running costs as a clear advantage of the subscription model. The fixed price does not usually include fuel or electricity.

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It is worth taking a closer look: Not all car subscriptions are created equal

The VW FS | provides that extra portion of driving fun Car subscription even for novice drivers – for example with the Skoda Fabia.


Classic car rental companies, ambitious start-ups and established manufacturers are bustling around in the exciting market for car subscriptions. But their subscription conditions differ considerably: by no means all of them offer short terms or mileage flat rates suitable for everyday use. Others categorically exclude novice drivers or offer only a few vehicle types. It is advisable to take a closer look at the VW FS | Car subscription. For example, it relies on an extremely attractive, versatile range of models, which then includes vehicle classes from small cars and current electric cars to SUVs and minibuses. In addition, the tariffs are very flexible. The shortest term of such a flat rate is only three months; it can then be changed or canceled within a month. On request, the vehicles can even be delivered to your front door, and the scope of the benefits – such as the amount of the deductible in the event of damage – can be selected individually. This also applies to mileage: 800 kilometers per month are already included. This value can also be flexibly adjusted. It is interesting to look at the required age of the driver. If he or she is at least 19 years old and has had his or her driver’s license for a year (or more), nothing stands in the way of a subscription. In view of the high insurance premiums for novice drivers, this point is a particularly big plus for the VW FS | Car subscription.

Admittedly: In a direct comparison, the costs of a car subscription tend to be somewhat higher than those of a classic vehicle leasing. On the other hand, maximum flexibility in the choice of vehicle classes and delivery times, fast delivery and minimal effort with easily calculable fixed costs are attractive. These concentrated advantages quickly make it clear why not only streaming services have long been so successful, but also why so many car fans have already won over car subscriptions.

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