VW Golf 2 GTI: GTI with H license plate and coilover suspension

the VW golf 2 enjoys a legendary call. There was it in typical VW countless Versions from the simple grannyMobile until mean athlete. the service succeeds intuitively. Shine But the compact Wolfsburg was able to do most of all with his durability. the technology was total solid set up and the Rust prevention was true. That’s why you can still see the Golf 2 on the road every day.
Lover tear yourself up today Well received VW Golf 2. It starts with the version C. or CL, independent of engine and transmission. What about this Golf 2, which is currently at eBay is offered for sale: a redder twoGTI from 1986 in one apparently beautiful Status. Price: 10,900 euros.

VW Golf 2 GTI on eBay

eBay VW Golf 2 II GTI

The Gulf is obviously dry. He is registered for the season, red numbers are required for the test drive.

Advertised golf with H license plate

If you take a closer look at the ad for the GTI, you’ll probably find the first one photos on. They show a car that at first glance is very orderly and tidy works. The seller writes from patina respectively Signs of use. But no damage can be seen. With patina is to be expected. After all, the car is 35 years old. That maybe most important detail can also be seen in the photos. The golf has a H mark. This not only certifies that it is in a presumably good condition, but also that it is very original.
eBay VW Golf 2 II GTI

According to the information, only the bare essentials are on board: power steering, a multi-function display and a radio

Completely in Series condition the VW is not. According to the information, a Coilover suspension installed that the VW visible deeper lays. To the Furnishing include a Power steering, one Multifunction display and the original Cassette radio. In the spring of 2021 it became a bigger one service performed. Among other things, the Golf got new ones Wheel bearings, Wheel hubs and Brakes front, new rear brakes, one Idle regulator, a Pressure accumulator and Injectors, one Lambda probe, a Manifold and one catalyst. According to the description, there is a Classic DataAppraisal before that the VW with the condition grade 2 rated.
eBay VW Golf 2 II GTI

At first glance, the Golf looks very neat and tidy. A precise check is still necessary.

That should be checked before buying the GTI

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the golf on offer should definitely buy the car from one On sitemeeting take a close look. That goes for everyone used Vehicle, especially with someone who is 35 years old. The Golf 2 applies not as special susceptible to rust. But one fundamental characteristic of the series says little about it maintenance that the previous owners have given the vehicle. One Test drive must also be. The landing gear not only changes that optics of the car, above all it has an influence on that Driving behavior. That should suit your personal taste. Here the question arises as to how professional the installation has been carried out. In the end, the potential buyer should definitely find out how landing gear and the H mark match. We are happy to check this carefully and otherwise it can lead to discussions at the next TÜV appointment.

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