VW Golf 2: restored three-door with only 83,000 km on eBay

This VW Golf looks like the much touted one Time capsule: The one advertised on eBay, 33 year old bestsellers gives the impression that it has been standing in a well-tempered garage without interruption since it was registered shortly before Christmas 1988. Which can not be, because the three-door hath anyway 83,822 kilometers on the speedometer. That is ridiculously little, however, because it corresponds to an annual mileage of around 2500 km. In this respect, we don’t necessarily have to believe that the white Wolfsburg classic car was really “restored” – it is so young that a real restoration was probably not necessary.

VW Golf 2 with sunroof and few km on eBay

With the Golf 2, VW has eliminated many errors of the first generation (1974-83), especially those Rust problems were blown away. The Golf 2 has a lot lush rust protection and is therefore still suitable today as a Everyday car. Of course, many safety features such as ABS, airbags and ESP did not yet exist. From 1987 ABS was optional; Whether the eBay golf has it is not certain, you should ask the seller. Power steering and power windows were only available for an extra charge, and there is nothing about this in the advertisement.

eBay VW Golf 2 classic car

The VW Golf 2 is known for its good rust prevention.

The Golf has some extras narrow sunroof as well as a trailer coupling. the Five-speed manual transmission was standard on the large 1.8-liter petrol engine. The fifth gear is a so-called “E-gear”, so long translated – it should help to reduce fuel consumption when driving on the motorway. With 84 hp from the large 1.8-liter petrol engine, it can go up to 173 km / h. Everyday consumption of eight liters per 100 km is possible.
eBay VW Golf 2 classic car

The car hardly has any extras, but it does have a sunroof and trailer hitch.

The previous owner writes in his “Buy It Now” offer that he has the compact completely restored have: The tires are new, the rims are sandblasted, powder-coated and painted. According to the information, the front and rear axles were also overhauled, then also sandblasted and powder-coated. In addition, filters, operating fluids, spark plugs, water pump, thermostat, radiator, thermal switch, toothed belt and an air intake hose were replaced. In the end, the body should even completely painted have been. Unfortunately, the powder-coated axles cannot be seen in any photo. But the engine makes a clean impression.
eBay VW Golf 2 classic car

The mileage should be only 83,822 km.

This VW Golf 2 already passed the TÜV test in 2020

Then it went to HU at the GTÜ examiner in Kirchheim near Stuttgart. The car apparently passed straight away and received H approval. It is somewhat irritating, however, that the examination took place in July 2020. The golf is after either shut down or continued been. In any case, it seems that nobody here has specifically prepared a car for sale.
eBay VW Golf 2 classic car

The petrol engine has an output of 84 hp. All filters were renewed according to the advertisement.

So maybe the golf is a Fix Sale – but which should be thoroughly x-rayed. Because why does the provider want to part with the car? Is it one Private citizen, as shown here, the buyer waives Guarantee. That is a certain risk. It should be checked all the more thoroughly whether everything is really clean on the white Golf 2.

VW Golf 2 with sunroof and few km on eBay

This also includes the Checking the history: “Checkbook maintained” should be the youngtimer, so you should bills and TÜV receipts let show. Potential buyers must also carefully investigate the question of whether this VW Golf 2 is really “accident-free” – ideally with a used vehicle check at DEKRA, TÜV or another testing organization.

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