VW Golf 3: neat Golf 3 in collectible condition with aluminum

The VW Golf 3 loves whoever grew up with him. Many classic car fans turn up their noses at the Wolfsburg. The shadow of the so-called Lópezyears, in those in Wolfsburg radical saved up was the quality suffered and in retrospect the rust flourished. But the enthusiasts think: The third generation of the VW Golf will also become a classic tires!
Some prospective buyers are already eyeing good specimens as long as they are affordable. at eBay There is currently an opportunity that looks promising at first glance: There will be a white VW Golf 3 with 1.4 liter gasoline engine and 60 hp offered. Stand on the price tag 3650 euros. The special thing about it: The Golf is checkbook maintained!

Stainless VW Golf 3 with checkbook on eBay

The car is called Collector’s item in a seldom good one originals State described. According to the seller, there are traceable information on the speedometer of the Golf 3 95,064 kilometers. Is switched manually. The car is, among other things, according to the advertisement catalyst, Driver airbag and Immobilizer fitted. There is also a height-adjustable one steering wheel, radio, sunroof and Power steering. The seller has the car with him Borbet rims, Clear glass headlights and –blink as LED taillights provided because he presumably used the car as the basis for an unspecified Tuning project had thought. But apparently his better half has spoken a word of power, and the Golf now has to leave the car collection. Unfortunately, the seller did not specify the year of construction or the first registration, and no response to AUTO BILD’s request had been received by the time this article was published.

The advertised golf looks very neat and in top shape in the photos.

According to the advertisement, the highlight of the car is the general substance. First of all, the Wolfsburg was given the title “completely original”. That means it’s the standard Wheels, headlights, turn signals and taillights are still there and everything is easy upgraded can be. The specified Mileage can be documented by checkbook and therefore understood will. The optical State The owner calls the paint excellent, with the exception of two small spots on the top of the tailgate. The topic rust is described as “completely unproblematic”. Even the Golf 3 neuralgic Water drains the front fenders should be in very good condition. This is why the seller thinks the car is best suited for enthusiasts and collectors.

According to the seller, the mileage of 95,064 kilometers can be traced from the checkbook.

Rust is the archenemy of the VW Golf 3

The third Golf was not a cross-country skier like its predecessor, the Golf 2. The mentioned Austerity measures and a sloppy one processing led to Quality problems. Especially the corrosion finds numerous points of attack on the body of the three-way Golf. The classic is blooming Tailgate. Basically, once it starts to bum, there is hardly any stopping it. For example, if the Jack times wrong, they are Sill in acute danger. The lower ends of the A pillars like to rust in the dark. When the rot comes through the fender behind the front wheel, the horror awaits behind the outer sheet of sheet metal. You can do this Golf 3 diseases like suddenly falling Plastic parts and Electronics problems annoy the owners.

Stainless VW Golf 3 with checkbook on eBay

But there is also positive News. Currently, the Golf 3 is in terms of its Spare parts supply in one Output gap (at VW there is nothing more and at VW Classic Parts nothing). But the Car reclaimer can help here as well as numerous screwdrivers in a wide variety of forums. In addition, a lot of things can be done by yourself on the three-way golf course without any problems.

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