VW Golf 3 Variant on eBay: neat Golf station wagon with 52,000 km

There are wolves with a better one call than the VW Golf 3. There are many reasons for this: On the one hand, the third generation gained weight in 1991 without scoring more power at the lower end of the engine range. In the eyes of many fans, the shape turned out to be too rounded, and under its manager José López, VW saved on quality and corrosion protection (the López effect). So would you rather keep your hands off the three-way golf? Does not have to be!

The VW Golf 3 offers much more security than its predecessor

Because the Wolfsburg won some strengths compared to his predecessor. Especially in security technology: ABS was now available on request in the Golf. The doors have been reinforced for more protection, Front and later also side airbags ensured more passive safety – among other things, therefore the extra weight. There were also innovations under the hood, at least if you dig a little deeper into your pocket: Turbodiesel and six-cylinder did not exist in the Golf 2. Over the years, the three-seater Golf became a complete, small model family: three-door, five-door, station wagons and convertibles were available. (These reasons speak for the varied VW Golf 3!)

VW Golf 3 Variant with only 52,000 kilometers on eBay

A Golf 3 from 1996 is currently for sale on eBay. According to the seller knows the car no rust – That alone is worth a closer look. A 92-year-old lady last drove the red Variant. The checkbook was kept up to a mileage of 46,000 (in 2012). Today the station wagon only has almost 52,000 kilometers on the clock.
eBay VW Golf Variant

Lots of plastic in the interior, but at least in good condition.

The biggest disadvantage of the Golf Variant on offer: Only the smallest petrol engine with just 60 hp is under the hood. So you can’t win races with the Wolfsburg. But the equipment is quite impressive: ABS, electric sunroof, radio “Alpha” and the original aluminum rims are on board. Minor damage were from the dealer “Sky Automobile” in Eschweiler (near Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia) fixed via Smartrepair. The color “classic red” looks really good on the station wagon. The rear of the Variant also looks significantly less rounded than that of the three- or five-door model. (TÜV report 2021: Beware of these used vehicles!)
eBay VW Golf Variant

Low loading sill and plenty of space: it can hold up to 1452 liters.

What is the price of a used Golf 3 today?

That The price level of the Golf 3 is still very low – one more argument in favor of this model. There are already vehicles on the Internet with a mileage of around 60,000 kilometers and costing only around 2,500 euros.

VW Golf 3 Variant with only 52,000 kilometers on eBay

The dealer is calling for this Golf 4450 euros on. Except for a headliner that is coming off (a typical weakness), the Golf is free from defects, according to the seller. With included: new general inspection, new tires and a fresh oil change. So a third-generation Golf is also worth considering.

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