VW Golf 7 1.6 TDI: Is this “world car” the perfect Golf?

Is this Diesel Golf 7 the perfect Golf?

You can’t go wrong with a used VW Golf 7. This silver 1.6 TDI with few kilometers and the “Weltauto” seal is hard to beat!

D.he VW Golf is the Favorite compact of the Germans. A dealer in Goerlitz (Saxony) a used one VW Golf at who more than just practicability can he silver 1.6 TDI Comfortline from the October 2018 could be the perfect golf be.

€ 16,750

Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI VII Comfortline, diesel

17,000 km
85 kW (116 hp)

02828 Görlitz, Autohaus Elitzsch GmbH / Görlitz

To the advertisement

4.1 l / 100km (combined) CO2 109 g / km *

He fits thanks to his inconspicuous paint color as much to the owner of an advertising agency as to the financial officer. Plus, it’s so easy to sell again. Of the 116 hp Strength TDI under the hood drives the Wolfsburg sufficiently nimble forward. But above all, it fulfills them Emission standard Euro 6D Temp – the next owner doesn’t have to detour Diesel driving ban zones making out. The car is called accident-free and checkbook maintained and has TÜV until October 2021.

This Golf is almost like new

VW Golf 7 1.6 TDI Comfortline: world car, used, price, buy

The advertised Golf appears to be in excellent condition. There are hardly any signs of use.

The “Comfortline” brings golf quite a bit Furnishing With. The list includes a navigation system, Automatic climate control, Seat heating, Bluetooth, CD, MP3 and alloy wheels. Switching is done manually. This means that the DSG, which is comfortable but maintenance-intensive and potentially error-prone in the long term, is not on board. The 16,750 euros (included value added tax and warranty) on the price tag do not appear to be a bargain at first glance, but it costs a lot VW at least 6000 euros less as a new car. He’s not far from this status, because the speedometer just reads 17,000 kilometers. For this purpose, the dealer advertises the golf when “World car“, which had to prove its excellent maintenance condition in a strict check. Manufacturer guarantee he also has.

In addition to strengths, the Golf 7 has a few weaknesses

Of the TÜV report 2020 reported that the Golf 7 the test chapters light and environment completes without problems. Twice However, the color dips red in the Balance sheet on: On the one hand they can feathers break, on the other hand, worn, rusty or grooved brake discs are criticized. With some Golf 7 became a Condensation water pipe of the air conditioner misplaced. That can too Water ingress lead, for example in long-term golf, the CAR PICTURE over more than 250,000 kilometers accompanied. Multi-link rear axles can crack, the lenses and glasses of xenon headlights can fog up from the inside.

Best products for wheel swapping

Kunzer WK 1075 FSH

Test winner

Price *: 184.90 euros

Michelin 92416

Price-performance winner

Price *: 80.79 euros

Hazet 5122-3 CT

Test winner

Price *: 137.90 euros

Goodyear 75522

Price-performance winner

Price *: 47.59 euros

Makita DTW 285

Test winner

Price *: 164.74 euros

* Prices as of September 29, 2020

But even that Maintenance costs for a cheap VW Golf are sometimes not to be underestimated: Calculate the motor insurance costs here!

€ 15,890

Mercedes-Benz A 160 Urban seating comfort, petrol

36,557 km
75 kW (102 PS)

52068 Aachen, Mercedes-Benz Aachen branch

To the advertisement

5.5 l / 100km (combined) CO2 126 g / km *

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales outlets and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www


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