VW Golf 7 as a used car: buying tips with a discount

The VW Golf 7 is that good

The VW Golf 7 is a solid companion for all situations, but it has problem areas. How To Cars names strengths and weaknesses and presents used cars with an interesting discount!

Dhe VW Golf is the undisputed favorite of German drivers. No More compact sells better, for generations. The seventh generation Has VW more spacious designed and clear tech savvy positioned as the predecessor. The basis is the Modular cross modular system (MQB). VW– it is typical Engine range huge: gasoline, diesel, gas and electric, everything is possible. The sporty top are the GTI– respectively. R models. Start-stop and a 5.5 inch tall one Touch display have everyone Golf 7 as standard on board, optionally there is all-wheel drive.
The clever used car buyers but don’t just look at the strengths and weaknesses. Annual car from VW for example, offer one under certain circumstances Connection guarantee up to the fifth year of the vehicle. you are younger than two years and were no longer than 13 months continuously admitted. they had a previous owner, are walked little and have one high quality equipment. If you are currently browsing the right vehicle platform, one will come Used car guarantee and an attractive Discount on top.

VW Golf 1.0 TSI Trendline

For example here: In Peine (Lower Saxony) is a silver VW Golf 1.0 TSI Trendline for sale. The car was in April 2017 approved for the first time and according to the announcement is only 6510 (!) Kilometers ran. The dealer describes the golf as accident free and checkbook maintained. 14,900 euros he wants to have.

In Brunswick (also Lower Saxony) turns white VW Golf 1.6 TDI Join offered. This golf was in May 2018 approved for the first time and has so far 49,500 kilometers unwound. He too will be as well accident free how checkbook maintained described and should 14,990 euros costs.

After all, a dealer in Neu-Isenburg (Hessen) a white one VW Golf 1.6 TDI Variant sell to the man. First registration was in August 2017on the speedometer 21,289 kilometers. This golf goes like the other two as accident free and checkbook maintained at the start. Stand on the price tag 15,490 euros.

At first glance, the VW Golf 7 can do (almost) anything

VW Golf 7: used car buying tips

The color red also appears in the TÜV assessment of the Golf 7. The controllers overruled the developers.

There was numerous model variants, from hot to eco. The Golf 7 was when Three– and as Five-door as well as Station wagon to have that Convertible was discontinued in early 2016. As Plug-in hybrid can he golf 50 kilometers drive purely electrically and creates one Range of a total of more than 1000 kilometers. The compact VW convinced with good fit and a well-tuned chassis. On request there was the Seats with massage function and the Chassis with adjustable dampers. Four adults have neat ones Space on board, the driver can look over numerous Assistants looking forward.

TÜV report shows weak points of the Golf 7

Loud TÜV report 2020 the closes golf the chapters light and environment without problems and to the delight of the examiners. Twice however, the color dips red in its Audit record on. On the one hand, there are feathersthat can break, become worn, rusty or stained Brake discs criticized. Another weak point is that Panorama roofsthat can let water in. In bad cases, this becomes really complex: Then it has to Roof cassette sawn out and glued in again. With several Golf 7 became a Condensate drain the air conditioner misplaced. That can be too Ingress of water in the footwell to lead. The DSG sometimes annoying with jerky Start off and slipping Couplings. The latter are mostly due to operating errors. So it is bad when cars are held on the mountain with the gas instead of the brake. A Automatic converter a DSG can’t take it. Multi-link rear axles can crack at the Xenon headlights can fog up lenses and glasses from the inside.

The test golf’s defect history started at 37,000 kilometers

VW Golf 7: used car buying tips

The long-term golf test has accompanied AUTO BILD for a long time. But: The VW was not on the road without a breakdown.

A silver one drove from 2013 to 2019 VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI at CAR PICTURE in the Endurance marathon test. He quickly won the sympathy of the editorial team because he left no questions unanswered and with one perfectly intuitive operation shone. Its good Clarity and the proverbial Suitability for everyday use did that VW a popular companion for all purposes. The little one Errand around the corner he mastered golf with the same naturalness as the big one travel across Europe. Feeling with him always “properly dressed“Being continued to increase its attractiveness. And in the end neither used itself Exterior nor the inner space on almost 300,000 kilometers noteworthy. The one caused by many palms Shine on the leather steering wheel was visible at the end of the test, otherwise it showed up golf optically in one solid and very good condition. So far, so commendable!

AUTO BILD test winner at Amazon

Dashcam: Nextbase 422 GW

Test winner

Price: 189.00 euros

Torque wrench: Hazet 5122-3 CT

Test winner

Price: 135.12 euros

DAB adapter: Albrecht DR 56+

Test and price-performance winner

Price: 82.57 euros

Rim cleaner: Dr. Wack P21S high end

Test winner

Price: 20.40 euros

Polishing machine: Kunzer 7PM05

Test winner

Price: 139.95 euros

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But technically he afforded golf at about 37,000 kilometers the first mistake. The air conditioner lost Condensation, and that made its way into the footwell. At 81,000 kilometers bitch the Automatic start-stop. The golf had to go to the Workshop and got something new on the occasion Gear oil donated because the DSG suddenly switched suddenly. At 121,000 kilometers was a new one horn due. To do this, the front Shock absorber and a Coupling rod exchanged. At Mileage 153,772 then the disaster: that DSG gave up the ghost, had to exchanged will. VW accepted only part of the costs on goodwill. At 200,000 kilometers fell the golf with a oil-smeared underbody on. Guilt was one Oil seal on the gearboxthat was damaged during installation. From 220,000 kilometers the rose Oil consumption so strong that always on trips Five liter canister was on board. As clattering valves and unpleasant loader whistle came along, AUTO BILD pulled the emergency brake. In the Oil pan we found pieces of one Piston. The Piston shirt was broken, probably because the material was too thin. A second piston showed also Cracks. This ended the test 287,147 kilometers. You only have to consider the test result that this golf rather unusual for the model as a tough endurance runner Abused over short and long distances and moved by many drivers.

The good substance doesn’t hide the problems

VW Golf 7: used car buying tips

Dispensing with equipment greatly reduces the risk of repairs in a two-hand golf.

If you visualize his qualities, it is no wonder that the Golf 7 is also at the forefront of those interested in used cars. Sure, he can do a lot and rightly enjoys a good reputation. who carefree wants to be on the go, but doesn’t let the strengths blind him, but checks the weaknesses. It starts with the Call back: A Sealing plug the Fuel line could leak the front ones Wheel bearing housing could break Lighting failures could be overlooked by the control unit and Airbags how Belt tensioners could refuse to trigger because of defective propellant charges. At the golf Alltrack could do that rear wheel bearing housing break. Has the recall work been done on the car of choice? This question should definitely be asked of the dealer.

If she Rumble damper, clarifies the test drive. A closer look at Headlights and Taillights clarifies whether there is humidity has accumulated. The Fault memory Having them read out is also worthwhile. A faulty one Camshaft adjuster or a striking Fuel pump it is best to exclude them before buying. If the panorama roof noise in the car, it should set will. And if you don’t feel like paralyzed infotainment systems or failures, you either check carefully or simply do without equipment. There are other used VW Golfs with a guarantee!

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