VW Golf 7 & Polo 6: Tips for buying and used with a discount

Fresh polo or proven Golf 7?

The Polo 6 offers the latest connectivity and is modern, the tried and tested VW Golf 7 convinces with reliability and is slightly larger. Tips for buying – and two used cars for 15,000 euros with a discount!

Die seventh generation of the VW Golf is since 2012 at the beginning, the polo in its sixth generation only since 2017. How To Cars has two cars made in 2018 compared with each other. In terms of space, the Polo 6 am Golf 7 hardly hide anymore. In terms of length, the two group brothers only differ by 20 centimeters. The Golf 7 impresses with durability and quality at the TÜV. The Polo 6 is the more current vehicle in terms of Optics and connectivity. Various body surrounds and the sharp headlights correspond to the current VW design language. The optional digital cockpit and the large multimedia screen provide drivers and passengers with information and entertainment. If you are currently browsing the right used car platform, you will find Copies under 15,000 euros – there are also one Used car guarantee and a attractive discount.

This offer is a good example: In Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) a tornado red VW Golf 1.6 TDI with only 26,050 kilometers advertised on the speedometer. The 116 hp diesel was approved for the first time in January 2019, is maintained in the checkbook and should 14,974 euros costs. There is also an extra 600 euros discount!

In this used VW Polo 6 exists as Extra discount 300 euros on top! In Jena (Thuringia) a dealer offers the flash red VW polo 1.0 CTSI Highline at. The small car with 95 hp was registered for the first time in July 2018, so far it is only 17,550 kilometers walked and was maintained checkbook. Cost: 14,988 euros.

Polo 6 convinces with a digital cockpit

Edgy appearance: Various body beads and sharply cut headlights characterize the Polo.

The current polo stands like his corporate brother Seat Ibiza on the MQB-A0 platform, that means a lot of space in the interior. In the rear, too, two adults can relax in the well-contoured seats and travel well. The Noise level is low, the polo vibrates little and rolls smoothly. His Suspension is balanced, and even the small motors are powerful and quiet. The steering reacts gently but precisely. As a result, the small VW slips only through combinations of curves. Good brakes round off the positive overall impression. The justifies its higher purchase price compared to other small cars polo with a better loss of value forecast. In the Infotainment chapter, the polo right at the front, for an extra charge fully digital cockpit called “Active Info Display” to order. The haptics in the interior are also impressive super soft surfaces.

Golf 7 at TÜV a safe castle

Proven Golf 7 or current Polo 6?

As usual, the solid golf cockpit is clear. You can buy a lot for a lot of money.

Also the seventh edition of the VW Golf became Number one used car bestseller and continues to impress with quality. At TÜV, more cars pass the test without defects than the cut. Like all golfGenerations reveals the Golf 7 no critical values ​​for the axle suspensions, the steering is also in excellent health. But even a class nerd is not free of mistakes: examiners sometimes complain Axle springs and dampers. The TÜV inspectors, on the other hand, enjoy the light. Low beam, headlights, rear lights, turn signals – cuts everywhere golf significantly better than most other vehicles tested. Worn or cracked brake discs are with Golf 7 against it a problem. Otherwise, it cuts off confidently in terms of the function of the foot and parking brakes as well as the condition of the brake lines and hoses. Oil loss can also be avoided Golf 7 hardly find. When it comes to exhaust systems, the seventh generation also makes far less trouble than the average.

Conclusion: The Polo 6 is now only one in size and workmanship Blink of an eye from golf away. No wonder, because there is a lot more sophisticated golf-Technology polo-Sheet. Be Interior concept and the digital connection convince. Who value proven technology and classic ambience lays more likely Golf 7. It is now often cheaper – and has it the higher prestige factor.


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