VW Golf: Will Volkswagen no longer bring a successor?

Will the current VW Golf no longer have a successor? The engine development would be too expensive, so media reports.

Volkswagen is currently selling the eighth generation of the Golf. If you want to believe media reports, that could be the last Golf generation. There would then no longer be a Golf IX/9.

The history of the VW Golf in words and pictures

Because Volkswagen avoids any statement as to whether the Golf VIII/8 could get a successor. Instead, there is only talk of a facelift, i.e. a revision of the current Golf model, but no longer of a genuine new design, as would be required for a new vehicle generation. VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer says that they want to upgrade the current Golf VIII/8, that it should get new materials and better software. The software was a weak point when the Golf VIII was launched. After that, Volkswagen wants to see how the business with combustion vehicles is developing.

Further development of the engines leads to high costs

According to NDR, the reason for phasing out the model series should be the high costs that further development of the combustion engine would entail. Since you have to adapt this to the ever stricter environmental protection regulations, emission standards and upper consumption values. This could lead to additional costs of up to 5000 euros per vehicle. The Golf with its combustion engine would thus become less attractive in direct comparison to electric cars.

As early as 2019, when the Golf VIII was launched, there were reports that the new Golf generation could be the last.

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