VW ID.3 (2021): Everything that is important about VW’s electric car

Prices: ID.3 Pro from 35,460 euros

The entry-level with the VW ID.3 is the Equipment “Pure”. It gives up 31,960 euros with 150 PS (110 kW) and a 45 kWh battery, which should enable a range of 351 kilometers according to WLTP (currently not available in the configurator). The electric car is then equipped quite poorly and can only charge with an output of 50 kW (all information is available here). The next larger battery is available with the Equipment “Pro”. For 35,460 euros A 59 kWh battery stores electricity there for up to 426 kilometers.

VW ID.3 with savings at To the offer

The weaker 145 PS engine (107 kW) can be exchanged for the performance variant with 204 PS (150 kW) for an additional charge. There are full hut with the strongest variants “Pro S”. Then there is a large 77 kWh battery on board, which provides electricity for up to 549 kilometers and of course the more powerful 204 PS motor. Prices start at 42,460 euros for the four-seater – among other things, there are standard matrix LED headlights and 19-inch models. The following applies to all variants: the VW ID.3 also deducts the environmental bonus from the list price.

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Dimensions and design

The ID.3 is the first car on VW’s MEB electrical platform. Basically, he attacks that Golf silhouette on, but modified and aerodynamically optimized. For example, the grille is missing from the front. Instead, on the better equipped models, two LED strips starting from the headlights frame the VW logo on the left and right. The headlights themselves consist of matrix LEDs. In the side view, a diamond-shaped pattern on the C-pillar is an additional design element. Of the Charging port is located where the fuel filler cap sits on conventional VW models. At the Rear Above all, the dark glass tailgate catches the eye. It is framed on three sides by aerodynamic elements, and at the bottom there is a similar lighting design as on the front: Here, too, two light strips lead from the lights in the direction of the logo, but they are shorter than the ones on the front.
VW ID.3 !! Embargo on September 9th, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. !!

As long as a Golf, but with a wheelbase like the Passat: that’s the VW ID.3.

the Dimensions remind of the golf:
● Length: 4.26 meters
● Width: 1.81 meters
● Height: 1.55 meters
● Wheelbase: 2.77 meters
● Luggage compartment: 385 liters

The ID.3 has almost no buttons on the inside

The interior of the ID.3 is coming almost completely without buttons the end. With the exception of controls for window lifters and hazard warning lights, VW has replaced all conventional control units with touch surfaces. The view behind the steering wheel reminiscent of the BMW i3: The screen with the digital speedometer is placed on the dashboard, the gear selector lever is integrated into the side of the display. The ten-inch central display facing the driver is also placed on the dashboard. This can be done by touch or Voice command (“Hello ID”).
VW ID.3 !! Embargo on September 9th, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. !!

In the cockpit, only the hazard warning lights and the power windows are operated using classic buttons.

The so-called ID.Light, a light bar in the dashboard, shows whether the car is answering the driver or the front passenger. There is a small touch control unit on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel to switch on the lights or the windshield heating. Optionally, you can opt for the interior Head-up display with augmented reality fetch, which optically “places” navigation commands on the street three to ten meters in front of the car, for example. The space normally taken up by the center tunnel is used in the ID.3 as storage space, cup holder and an optional inductive charging station for the smartphone.

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ID.3 convinces in the test on the long haul

The results of the first AUTO BILD tests are mixed. On the long-haul journey, the good driving impression, which the chassis and steering also contribute to, is convincing. This was also confirmed by the first more extensive test. The ID.3 is binding on the street, feels responsive and thanks to rear-wheel drive and effective weight distribution, the compact electric car can also scratch swift bends without any problems and unspectacularly. negative fell the many hard plastic surfaces in the interior, the carelessly sewn fabric covers on the back of the seat backs and the windshield glued to the frame asymmetrically offset by several millimeters. In comparison with the Golf, the ID.3 has not (yet) been able to overthrow VW’s bestseller from the throne. That too Result of the connectivity check is mixed. While the modern touch controls, the “We connect ID” app and the energy saving tips attracted positive attention, we disliked the sometimes poor performance of the system and the poorly intelligent voice control.

The ID.3 battery is up to 77 kWh

A permanent magnet synchronous motor on the rear axle drives the ID.3. Who does 107 kW (145 hp) and 275 Nm, 110 kW (150 PS) and 310 Nm or 150 kW (204 hp) and 310 Nm each. An input transmission brings the power to the road via the rear wheels. VW offers for the electric car three Battery packs with different ranges (measured according to WLTP). A 45 kWh battery with a range of up to 352 kilometers offers entry-level, the medium version with 58 kWh should enable 426 kilometers. The largest battery stores 77 kWh for up to 549 kilometers. Typically for an electric car, the maximum speed is limited, with the ID.3 no more than 160 km / h is possible. thanks to Fast charging technology (Charging power of 100 kW), electricity can be charged for 290 kilometers in 30 minutes. VW gives a on the batteries of the ID.3 guarantee eight years or 160,000 kilometers driven.

VW ID.3 !! Embargo on September 9th, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. !!

The most powerful ID.3 develops 204 hp. The electric motor sits on the rear axle.

Equipment: Now also as a five-seater with a large battery

Five seats and the largest battery? Hasn’t existed before. A new feature has now appeared in the ID.3 configurator that makes this possible. her name is “Tour 5”, offers one more seat on the back seat and has the “Pro S” configuration, i.e. the large 77 kWh battery and the most powerful engine with 204 hp. The fact that the ID.3 with the largest battery was only available with four seats was due to the weight, according to the Youtuber Battery Life. What VW has now changed to include an additional seat is unclear. Modified battery cells or weight savings elsewhere would be conceivable. The fifth seat does not have much influence on the range: It is stated at 544 kilometers according to the WLTP – just five kilometers less than the four-seater. But: The heavy panoramic glass roof can still not be ordered in conjunction with the 77 kWh battery.
The VW ID.3 comes with a number of Assistance system that prepare the electric car for autonomous driving. These include Front Assist with emergency braking function and multi-collision brake, the lane departure warning and lane change assistant, the parking assistant with reversing camera and a parking aid with maneuvering brake function. On the list of surcharges there is, among other things, a special coupling with 75 kg vertical loadthat allows the transport of heavier bicycles or pedelecs. With the “ID.Charger”, VW also offers a own wallbox in two versions with different charging power. Optionally, the wallbox can also be connected to the Internet and operated remotely or equipped with an electricity meter.

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