VW ID.3: Major flaws in the first tests, the electric car is therefore far too expensive

The ID.3 at the IAA in Frankfurt 2019.

Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Volkswagen has high hopes for its new electric car model, the ID.3. In the first tests, however, the car does not do particularly well, reports the specialist magazine “Auto Motor Sport”. While the driving experience is right, there is a lack of workmanship and electronics.

The tested production model is listed with a price of 49,000 euros. Less the environmental bonus of 9,480 euros, the value of the car is just under 40,000 euros. Despite the high price, the car does not meet the usual VW quality standards, according to “Auto Motor Sport”.

Above all, the processing is therefore poor. Hard plastics that are sensitive to dirt are said to be processed in the cockpit and the inside of the bonnet is uncleanly painted. According to the first tests, the technology also left a lot to be desired. The infotainment system starts up slowly, the navigation system is often disoriented and online services cannot be accessed, it continues. The voice control is also faulty and the ten-inch monitor is too far away from the driver for smooth operation, reports the specialist magazine.

On the test drives, the car was able to convince with the driving experience. The 58 kilowatt hour battery lasted 359 kilometers after a charge when driving defensively. With normal driving on the highway and through city traffic, however, it was only 260 kilometers range.

The first test results are sobering. VW must therefore make improvements or reduce the price far to justify the defects. You are not impressed by the competition for Tesla and BMW.

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