VW ID.5 (2021): The electric SUV coupé gets a wing

So now Volkswagen too: after Audi, it is now bringing in the Group’s core brand fully electric SUV coupe based on the MEB platform. With the ID.5 The design of the ID.4 is basically adopted, but in terms of technology, the model with the flatter roof is for the time being the forerunner of the Wolfsburg model family. Does this mean that the ID.5 can be considered an independent model?

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Optics: ID.5 is an ID.4 with a coupé line

Up to the B-pillar, the VW can only be recognized by its specific apron. Models without all-wheel drive namely enter large plastic element in the bumper, GTX versions, however, are similar to the ID.4. However, the differences are then clearly visible in the profile. The four-door coupe is the SUV two centimeters flatter, but also around two centimeters longer. The roof drops off significantly towards the end of the vehicle and merges into a high rear. A spoiler is used there, which is supposed to give the VW a clear aerodynamic advantage, overall that is drag coefficient just 0.26.

At the front, only rear-wheel drive models differ from the ID.4.

Dimensions in detail

Length: 4.60 m
Width: 1.85 m
Height: 1.61 m
Wheelbase: 2.77 m

Trunk: 549 to 1561 liters

Interior: cockpit identical to the ID.4


No change in the interior: the ID.5 does not differ from the normal SUV.

Inside, ID.4 and ID.5 look like identical twins. The coupé also takes over the two-part cockpit, consisting of a small display on the steering column and an infotainment screen on the dashboard. In the rear, however, the headroom is shrinking. It does this up to a height of 1.80 meters lower roof although no problems, but it could be a bit tight for longer tours. Legroom is completely different. Since the wheelbase is identical to the ID.4, the Coupé also benefits from Plenty of space in the footwell.


Lots of legroom in the rear, but it gets tight for the head from a height of 1.90 meters.

Infotainment: New software version and features

The software in the ID.5, on the other hand, is brand new. It enables that Augmented reality head-up display more access to driver assistance and thus better representations. In the future, Travel Assist will also access cloud data and should therefore be able to react more reliably to difficult framework conditions. Voice control should also work faster with the update. From voice commands to route guidance, VW only gives seven seconds – you don’t have to hide from MBUX and Co. anymore. ID.5 customers also benefit firstly from fast charging, in the future there will be up to 135 kW possible. ID.3 and ID.4 drivers do not have to trade in their vehicles right away, the update will also be available for them. In the course of 2022, the functions for existing vehicles will be submitted over-the-air.

Battery and drive: up to 520 km range in the ID.5

All ID.5 get their driving power from a 77 kWh battery, the maximum for up to 520 km Range should be good. There will be three engines, two with rear-wheel drive and one with all-wheel drive. As with the ID.4, the ID.5 will also be available as a Pro with 128 kW (174 PS), as a Pro Performance with 150 kW (204 PS) and as a GTX (all-wheel drive) with 220 kW (299 PS).

The SUV coupé will hit the market in spring 2022.

Engine variants in detail

• VW ID.5 Pro: Rear wheel drive; Power: 128 kW (174 PS), top speed: 160 km / h; Range: up to 520 km according to WLTP.
• VW ID.5 Pro Performance: Rear wheel drive; 150 kW (204 PS), top speed: 160 km / h; Range: up to 520 km according to WLTP.
• VW ID.5 GTX: All wheel drive; 220 kW (299 PS), top speed: 180 km / h; Range: up to 480 km according to WLTP.

Driving report: The ID.5 drives confidently

AUTO BILD has already driven the ID.5 disguised as a GTX. The driving behavior of the coupé does not differ from that of a normal SUV. Thanks to the vehicle dynamics manager, a system that is supposed to bring the individual control systems together as intelligently as possible, the Coupé also drives confidently and literally sticks to the road. The weight of around 2.2 and the dimensions are hardly noticeable, the ID.5 feels like a class smaller. You can find the detailed driving report here.

The ID.5 is also quite the brother ID.4 when driving. There is little to complain about when it comes to the driving impression.

Prices and market launch: Prices start from around 47,400 euros

In comparison, the prices for the models with rear-wheel drive increase by 2500 euros, the all-wheel drive version is only 1500 euros more expensive. Order start is In mid-November for a starting price of around 47,400 euros. The first ID.5 should be available from dealers in spring 2022.

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