VW ID.Aero (2022): The electric pass comes as ID.7

Presentation: The production model should be launched in 2023 as the ID.7

It has long been clear that the Passat will sooner or later be electric. The related studies ID Vizzion (sedan) and ID Space Vizzion (estate) were previously shown in 2018 and 2019.

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The production model based on VW’s MEB platform is currently still called ID.Aero internally, but should be called ID.7 and will probably be on the market in 2023.

Optics: New pictures give a view of the series version

Now VW has officially unveiled the electric sedan. However, the Wolfsburg-based company is currently still talking about a study close to series production. But the design should be very close to the ID.7. The ID.Aero looks a bit stockier than we would expect from the Passat familiar with. The front and rear overhangs are rather short, but the curved bonnet is long. As with the other ID models, the headlights and taillights of the electric Passat are connected by an LED strip. And the name says it all, thanks to its slim stature and curved lines, the study has a significantly better drag coefficient of 0.23 than the current Passat, which has 0.30.
VW ID. Aero

Even if the ID.Aero is explicitly announced as a model for China, the production version of the ID.7 should look very close to the study.

Interior: Probably without buttons but with a large central display

Another goal of the designers: mox308; as much space for the passengers. Underneath the sheet metal is the modular e-kit (MEB), which was only developed for electric cars and which also serves as the basis for all other previous ID models. The pure e-platform allows better use of space, inside the almost five meter long study and finally in the production version should be at least as spacious as in the Skoda Superb, even more airy.

The interior should be based on the Study ID Space Vizzion orientate.

VW ID. Space Vizzion study

The interior of the study ID. Space Vizzion gives a view of the interior of the production version of the ID.7.

It is speculated that the ID.7 and Passat will be equipped with an XXL display from Continental. That extends from A-pillar to A-pillar and is scheduled to go into mass production in 2024.

An XXL display from Continental may be installed. This should go into mass production from 2024.

Drives: Up to 620 kilometers range

VW does not provide much information on the technical details themselves, but the ID.7 uses the same shelf as its siblings. Means: There will be batteries with 52 and 77 kWh (installed in the study) energy, customers can probably choose between rear-wheel drive (148 to 204 hp) and all-wheel drive (265 to 299 hp).


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With a large battery and two-wheel drive, the ID.4 and ID.5 have a range of just over 500 WLTP kilometers. With the Aero, VW speaks of 620 kilometers thanks to the better aerodynamics and further developed technology – this should also apply to the finished ID.7.

Price and market launch: The basic ID.7 should not cost more than 50,000 euros

There will also be a station wagon version of the ID.7 (probably called the ID.7 Tourer), although globally it will play a smaller role than the classic sedan. At least in Europe, however, the station wagon is still in demand. Speaking of global: The ID.7 is scheduled to be launched in China in the second half of 2023 and will also be built there, the recently unveiled ID. Aero is explicitly described as a model for the Middle Kingdom.

VW ID. Aero

The design is straightforward, the forms are very curved. The electric sedan fits seamlessly into the ID. family.

The Europe version will not be shown until 2023, but will differ only slightly from the China version. For the western markets, the ID.7 – like the SUV models ID.4 and 5 – will then be built in Emden in East Frisia. Where the Passat has been rolling off the assembly line so far, which VW is still holding on to, at least for the time being. One of the big tasks of the ID.7 will be to discourage today’s Passat drivers who want to switch to e-mobility from buying a Tesla Model 3. Apart from that, the middle class is currently still largely unelectrified. BMW i4 and Mercedes EQE fish in the premium pond one to two price classes higher. Will the ID.7 succeed? With a competitive price, which should be around 50,000 euros, the electric sedan has a good chance.

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