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This VW Passat can age without a trace

The current VW Passat winds up kilometers without worry if it is treated well. AUTO BILD names strengths and weaknesses – and presents three used cars at a discount!

Dhe VW Passat B8 (type 3G) is a vehicle that one considers as a used car given its reliability can easily buy. If the care status is correct, the likelihood of being happy together over many kilometers increases. The clever prospect don’t just look at the strengths and weaknesses. Annual car from VW offer one in certain circumstances Connection guarantee up to the fifth year of the vehicle. you are younger than two years and were no longer than 13 months continuously admitted. they had a previous owner, are walked little and have one high quality equipment. If you are currently browsing the right used car platform, there will be one Used car guarantee and an attractive Discount on top.

VW Passat 1.4 TSI Trendline

For example here: In Peine (Lower Saxony) turns blue VW Passat Variant 1.4 TSI With 37,100 kilometers advertised on the speedometer. The station wagon was in October 2016 admitted for the first time is considered accident free and checkbook maintained described and should 18,600 euros costs.

VW Passat 1.6 TDI Comfortline

In Waldshut-Tiengen (Baden-Württemberg) a dealer offers one VW Passat Variant 1.6 TDI Comfortline at. The silver station wagon was in May 2018 admitted for the first time. The VW is also considered accident free and checkbook maintained described and is so far 24,100 kilometers ran. Cost point: 19,900 euros.

VW Passat 1.6 TDI Comfortline

In Walldorf (Baden-Württemberg) eventually turns black VW Passat Variant 1.6 TDI Comfortline offered, according to the advertisement just 6826 (!) Kilometers ran. This car is accident free, but not maintained in the checkbook – which could also be due to the low mileage. The dealer requests 20,804 euros.

High mileage puts pressure on TÜV balance sheet

VW Passat B8: buying tips

Technically speaking, the VW Passat B8 is an enlarged Golf. Both share the same platform.

The TÜV report 2020 represents that VW Passat B8 a fundamentally good one testimony out. In the test chapters landing gear, light and environment he does more than properly and leaves the zipper of his predecessor forgotten. Points can sometimes be deducted for the Condition of the brake discs give. But in many cases this is due to the above average level Mileage of this series. Technically speaking, it is Passat B8 a greatly enlarged Golf 7. Like its compact brother, it builds on the modular transverse modular system from VW on. The wheelbase grew eight centimeters compared to its predecessor, so there are significantly more Space in the interior. The engines to choose from start at 1.6 TDI With 110 hp and reach up to 280 hp strengthen 2.0 TSI. The diesel all fulfill the Euro 6 standard and are therefore also suitable for the big city – they also have no cheating software. Offers since the end of 2015 VW also the Plug-in hybrid variant Passat GTE at. trouble does little, according to the TÜV report. The electronics can with fancy Navis, Cameras and Assistance systems annoy. Some used Passat has many Business trip kilometers seen. Such specimens are sometimes anything but gentle hazards.

Endurance test Passat shows that VW can build durable cars

VW Passat (2016): Test – endurance test – technology

Endurance test Passat in check

The tough 100,000-kilometer endurance test CAR PICTURE completed one Passat Variant 1.8 TSI so easy that the editors passed the test 50,000 kilometers extended. This is remarkable because of others VW in the past the air has run out over the long distance. Not like that Passat: He bewitched as Space giant with plenty luxury and his silent perpetual mentality. No journey seemed too difficult for the car. The 180 hp strong gasoline continued with his Smooth running a remarkable counterpoint to the clearly audible Rumble of the diesel. He also came to a mastered Gas foot even with less than eight liters of fuel out. That deserves recognition! From the Ergo-Active seats some colleagues did not want to get out after a long journey. Also the variable damper proved to be a blessing. in the Trunk of the Variant you could even sleep in an emergency, the rich sound of the Dynaudio sound systems was a pleasure.

But the many kilometers also revealed Reason for criticism. For example, this also coupled DSG not always smooth. Start-stop sometimes made the engine start too slowly in city traffic. Sometimes it turned off the engine so early that the Servo power was lost. In the aftermath VW that changed. Anyone looking for one SecondhandPassat who should be interested in these points on the Test drive just check anyway. The same applies to the mechanics of the Massage seats. The stalls on board the test car groaned at some point. VW-Workshops therefore lubricate according to the factory specification. Concerning infotainment suffered the testPassat under unfortunate development cycles: there were some right from the start Assistants out of date. The High beam automatic was rather sluggish. Some Traffic sign were not recognized. The Navi was in foreign countries unusable because he lacked a SIM card. Shortly before the end of the test there was one Groan from the front axle to hear and the Tailgate damper began to rattle. That the front shock absorber can occasionally “sweat”, ie lose oil, is VW known.

The Passat B8 has hardly any mechanical weaknesses

VW Passat B8: buying tips

The second-hand VW Passat business car can also be interesting for private owners.

Whoever one used Passat B8 a closer look reveals a clear picture. Mechanically there is on VW hardly anything to step on. The 2.0 TDI with 150 HP has an easy one Starting weakness, but it goes through as a trifle. Rumble the axes, the Passat of choice on the lift and from one Experts being checked. No drama has to be hidden behind such noises, but the TÜV inspector take a closer look here. Is the Mileage high or one Past as a company car verifiable, it is worth taking a closer look at the wear. Classic indication of many kilometers are Falling rocks at the frontline. The Passat B8 Has Series EA288 diesel under the hood. Not all of them have an SCR catalytic converter, but they do Euro 6 standard and last a long time. Material and processing quality vote on board. Even in vehicles with more than 200,000 kilometers, the switches in the cockpit do not appear tapped when necessary. The Corrosion protection Has VW under control. This keeps the risk for interested parties within limits.

Another topic is that software. At early Passat B8 sat navs, cameras and numerous assistants could fail. Does the bitch in old age electric handbrake, it can get quite expensive. Also Recalls there was: the Passat B8 already had to because of broken locks, flickering speedometer displays or brutal closing panorama roofs in the workshop.


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