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The good VW Passat Variant B8 has been around since 2014. Is the classic station wagon also a tip as a used car? Here comes the test.

Kombi nation – the Germans have truly earned this title. With the Passat, we traditionally take it to the extreme: In the current generation of the Wolfsburg, the sedan share is only in the single-digit percentage range. All the greater is the selection of Variant models that are available from dealers – often as very young lease returns. The Passat B8 (internally called 3G) has been rolling on our roads since 2014. It is based on VW’s first-generation modular transverse toolkit, so it is technically an extended Golf VII. In terms of engines, that means: always charged. The petrol engines range from 125 to 280 hp, and the diesels from 120 to 240 hp. As of 2015, the GTE was the first hybrid in the history of the Passat. Interested parties quickly recognize on the Internet that six-digit mileage is almost normal, even for young used vehicles. We have therefore deliberately not set any limits for our test car. In less than five years, the 2.0 TDI 4Motion Highline ran over 330,000 kilometers. Considerable.

€ 8,990

Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.6 TDI Trendline, diesel

141,968 km
77 kW (105 PS)

Diesel, 4.4 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 116 g / km *

€ 9,950

Volkswagen Passat Variant 2.0 TDI Comfortline, diesel

143,900 km
103 kW (140 PS)

Diesel, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 139 g / km *

€ 9,990

Volkswagen Passat Variant 2.0 TDI, diesel

135,700 km
103 kW (140 PS)

Diesel, 4.6 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 122 g / km *

€ 10,449

Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.4 TSI Business Edition AZ, petrol

121,550 km
90 kW (122 hp)

Petrol, 6.1 l / 100km (combined) CO2 145 g / km *

€ 10,450

Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.4 TSI Comfortline, petrol

121,000 km
90 kW (122 hp)

Petrol, 6.1 l / 100km (combined) CO2 145 g / km *

€ 10,650

Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.4 TSI Trendline, petrol

73,000 km
90 kW (122 hp)

Petrol, 6.4 l / 100km (combined) CO2 152 g / km *

€ 10,680

Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.6 TDI Comfortline, diesel

145,000 km
88 kW (120 PS)

Diesel, 4.1 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 107 g / km *

49082 Osnabrück, Fehrmann & Neubert GmbH & Co.KG

21629 Neu Wulmstorf, Autohaus M.Meyer GmbH

63927 Bürgstadt, Adam Wolfert GmbH car dealership

06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Autohaus Wittenberg GmbH

49716 Meppen, dealership Gebr. Schwarte GmbH & Co. KG

73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Auto Beer Cutter Schwäbisch Gmünd

28816 Stuhr, Autohaus Brandt Stuhr GmbH

Defects typical of the model are not noticed on the test drive

VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI

The headlights are often sandblasted after a lot of everyday life on the motorway. Then the entire headlight must be replaced.

© Sandra Beckefeldt / AUTO BILD

Nevertheless, our kilometer eater appears pleasantly unimpressed at first glance. Sure, the front headlights are sandblasted from many kilometers of motorway, the steering wheel and gear knob are worn. On the other hand, the Ergo seats still look fresh, the lettering on all buttons and buttons has not suffered. The mix of equipment could be a major obstacle to sales. A highline with halogen headlights and manual tailgate? Ouch. As expected, the space is huge – just Passat. With a trunk volume of 650 to 1780 liters, it puts the entire combination competition in its pocket, apart from the Mercedes E-Class and Skoda Superb Combi. On the test drive, our Passat shows itself to be free of defects typical of the model. The six-speed DSG pulls off and shifts smoothly, particularly atypical for this mileage. The all-wheel drive also works, sending power to the rear wheels when necessary. This can be prevented by a defective Haldex pump – easy to test on a smooth surface. (Overview: Everything about the VW Passat)

Technical data: VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI
engineFour-cylinder / front cross
Valves / camshafts4 per cylinder / 2
Displacement1968 cc
power140 kW (190 PS) at 3500 rpm
Torque400 Nm at 1900 rpm
Maximum speed228 km / h
0-100 km / h7.9 s
Tank / fuel66 l / diesel
Gear / drive6-speed DSG / all-wheel drive
Length Width Height4767/1832/1516 mm
Trunk volume650-1780 liters
Empty weight / payload1674/566 kg

The timing belt change should have been done in good time

VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI

Given the high mileage, it’s no wonder: springs can be broken and dampers knocked out.

© Sandra Beckefeldt / AUTO BILD

Once you have reached cruising speed, the interior remains nice and quiet and stress-free. The 190 hp and 400 Newton meters of the two-liter diesel are quite suitable for the left lane – with a consumption of around six liters. If you want more power, you will find it with the 2.0 TSI with 272 or 280 PS or the BiTDI with two turbochargers, 240 PS and a proud 500 Newton meters of torque. Here, however, you should make sure that the timing belt change was done on time. With the BiTDI it is already available after 120,000 kilometers, not just after 210,000 kilometers like with all other diesels. During the main inspection, the inspectors often complain about the brakes and shock absorbers above average, which is no wonder considering the high mileage of the Wolfsburg. Loss of oil is also often complained about at the first HU – so the underbody is worth a look before buying. The inspector does not look at assistants, cameras and navigation systems that tend to fail. Easy to control when buying, high costs can arise here if something has to be replaced. All in all, however, the Passat is now largely unproblematic and significantly more reliable than its predecessor (B6), which, despite being revised in 2010 (then B7), was technically largely from 2005. Cheat software was also a big issue there for the diesel – fortunately, the B8 is no longer affected.

Better to invest a little more money

Regarding the prices: It starts at around 10,000 euros if you are not afraid of high mileage. But then mostly without a lot of equipment, manually shifted and with a small motor. Reach one number higher on the shelf and invest from around 13,000 euros. There are then 150 hp, Comfortline and five-digit mileage. DSG costs around a thousand more – but it is worthwhile, for example, for stressed parents who drive as much with their children as a representative as the first owner.

Conclusion by Jonas Uhlig and Malte Büttner: The eighth generation Passat is rock solid as a used car, the selection from the dealers is huge. The Variant is recommended with its space, the sedan is almost a rarity. Judgment: four out of five.

Cost: VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI
Test consumption6.3 l D / 100 km
CO2167 g / km
inspection300-600 euros
Liability (14) *452 euros
Partially comprehensive (24) *256 euros
Fully comprehensive (21) *709 euros
Vehicle tax (Euro 6)238 euros
Spare part prices **
Alternator (AT)801 euros
Starter (AT)487 euros
Water pump (AT)453 euros
Timing belt520 euros
Rear silencer464 euros
Front left fender, painted740 euros
Brake discs and pads594 euros
* Online tariff of the HUK24 insurance: registration in Hamburg, driver only policyholders and partners (25 years old), annual mileage 15,000 km, no-claims class 1; ** Prices including wages and 19 percent sales tax

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales points and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www


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