VW Passat W8: a rare top Passat for sale on eBay

A VW, and then another rar and out of the ordinary: Anyone interested in this combination will currently find it on eBay. It’s about the VW Passat W8: Until 2004, apart from mass-produced goods, 2359 Copies built to bridge the waiting time for the Phaeton. With a technically highly complex engine that 275 PS performs – and with a lot Furnishing.
Such a car is currently at eBay for 12,000 euros offered for sale. In a loud seller “Tip-top condition“, with manageable mileage, one automatic transmission and almost Full equipment.

Neat VW Passat W8 on eBay

The advertiser describes his car as damaging, accident– and trouble-free – except for one small Rust spot. Stand on the speedometer 186,000 kilometre. The 275 hp Four litersEight-cylinder meets the emissions standard Euro 4. A automatic transmission takes over the frictional connection to all four wheels. The equipment includes, among other things trailer hitch, Metallic paint and Alloy wheels. That Checkbook was stamped through. That adjustable landing gear got new bearings two and a half years ago and was again approved by TÜV Nord. the Brake discs are only two years old. the Tailgate is new because the original flap on a lamp rusted was.

The Passat W8 has a lot of equipment on board

Inside, the Passat W8 offers almost everything that was available at the time, including of course Leather seats. There are airbags on the driver’s and passenger’s side, and the one for the passenger can be switched off. The VW has front and rear electric Window regulator, Inlays in wood (Walnut), a Head airbag-System, three Headrests on the back seat, a center armrest in the back and Lumbar supports in front. There are also side airbags at the front, textile floor mats, Pollen filter. The front Brakes and the owner had the spark plugs exchanged.

You should know that about the VW Passat W8

Of the engine the Passat W8 is extreme complex constructed. This ensures that it is very compact and only just fits under the hood of the Wolfsburg middle class. Through this sounds however, he also tends to follow Six-cylinder and leaves the typical Punch a V8 miss a little. Of the consumption is the opposite of contemporary: under 13 liters Nothing works for 100 kilometers!

Neat VW Passat W8 on eBay

These are the Maintenance costs horrendous. For example, does the engine need the vulnerable Camshaft adjuster new, the owner is around 4000 euros poorer. For a change of Lambda sensors the engine has to be out of the car. A Exchange gear after all, the Tiptronic costs more than 7,000 euros. In this light, what falls on the offered car, above all, is the continuously guided car Checkbook positive on. This gives reason to hope that this car won’t have any nasty surprises in store. A more precise one Check is still compulsory!

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