VW sells more e-cars than Tesla for the first time – and that could stay that way

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In the last quarter of 2020, Volkswagen was able to sell more electric cars than the US company Tesla for the first time and has doubled its share of the electric range to twelve percent. This is shown by the Atomotive Electrification Index from AlixPartners, a global consulting company. VW was therefore able to sell 192,000 electric cars from October to December, while Tesla only sold 181,000 vehicles. According to the “Wirtschaftswoche”, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi group and Daimler landed third and fourth with fewer than 100,000 electric cars sold each.

VW had achieved a goal that the group had only set for the next few years, the Wirtschaftswoche continued. However, plug-in hybrids were also counted in the ranking, in which combustion engines are also installed in addition to electric. These models are charged at a socket and have a larger drive battery than conventional hybrids, so they are closer to pure electric cars.

Tesla still leads the way in total electric range of vehicles sold

The count of plug-in hybrids is reflected in another rating: the electric range of the vehicles sold. According to ADAC, plug-in hybrids only achieve electric ranges between 40 and 60 kilometers in practice. Pure electric cars, on the other hand, can come up with far greater ranges. For example, Tesla’s Model S Plaid, the latest version of the Model S luxury sedan, has a range of over 600 kilometers, according to manufacturer estimates.

Although VW achieved higher sales figures, Tesla was able to clearly win the range ranking for the e-cars sold for 2020. According to Wirtschaftswoche, the US manufacturer’s cars sold last year had a total range of over 90 million kilometers, while VW ended up in second place with just under 40 million kilometers. However, VW has also caught up here and worked its way up from fifth place in 2019 to second place – past the Chinese manufacturer BYD, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

VW is likely to stay ahead of Tesla in the future

The main reason for this success is the European market. VW made it to number one in the fourth quarter in terms of the total electric range of the vehicles sold, of which Tesla could not even achieve half. Volkswagen’s ID.3 was clearly ahead of Tesla’s Model 3 in this rating.

It should stay that way in the future. On the one hand, despite ongoing difficulties with 125 plants worldwide, Volkswagen simply has larger production capacities – compared to Tesla’s currently four plants, which will be expanded to include the factory in Grünheide and another plant in Austin, Texas in 2021. On the other hand, Volkswagen is catching up with battery technology.

And the German carmaker is also ahead of the game in terms of current production. Because with the ID.4, VW’s new e-SUV, not only the group’s new workhorse for the electronics market has been launched. This year, the ID.5 SUV coupé is to follow, as well as other models in the coming years. And also at the subsidiaries Audi, Skoda and Seat, new e-models for 2021 are in the starting blocks. In addition to the revision of its Model S, Tesla will only launch the Model Y, a compact SUV, on the European market in 2021. A pick-up Cybertruck and a new version of the Tesla Roadster will then come in 2022.



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