VW Sharan, buying tips, discount, voucher: The VW van can do that

The VW Sharan can do that

Families love the VW Sharan because it is so big. When buying a used car, you should take a close look to uncover possible defects in the van. Here are his strengths and weaknesses as well as three used ones with a discount!

Vmany Families with a lot of space dream of VW Bus. But the Bulli has disadvantage. He is mostly expensive, has a high focus and needs a lot to park space. When looking for an alternative, you quickly end up with your little brother VW Sharan. The van is cheaper, drives like this handy like a car and still offers up to seven people decent space. The selection of Engines is typical VW size and that processing and the reliability vote. most of time. AUTO BILD clarifies what the VW Sharan can and what not.
At the Used car purchase In addition to the strengths and weaknesses, you should also consider the purchase conditions. Annual car from VW perhaps offer one Connection guarantee up to the fifth year of the vehicle. you are younger than two years and were no longer than 13 months continuously admitted. they had a previous owner, are walked little and have one high quality equipment. If you are currently browsing the right vehicle platform, one will come Used car guarantee and an attractive Discount on top. For example here: In Lehrte (Lower Saxony) a white one VW Sharan 1.4 TSI Comfortline sold. The First registration took place in March 2019, 23,956 kilometers stand on the speedometer and the car will be as well accident free how checkbook maintained described. The dealer requests 25,750 euros.

VW Sharan 1.4 TSI Comfortline

A dealer in Berlin again offers a gray VW Sharan 2.0 TDI Comfortline at. Here was the First registration in the November 2018. Stand on the speedometer 24,774 kilometers, the car is also called accident free and checkbook maintained described. 25,999 euros are on the price tag.

VW Sharan 2.0 TDI Comfortline

Finally, there is a black one in Kierspe (NRW) VW Sharan 2.0 TDI BMT Comfortline for sale. The First registration was in June 2018, the mileage is included 26,193 kilometers. This Sharan is also according to the ad accident free and he became checkbook maintained. Here the dealer calls 26,490 euros on.

VW Sharan 2.0 TDI BMT Comfortline

Test balance: Look closely at the chassis and rust!

VW Sharan: used car buying tips and discount

The TÜV looks closely at the chassis and rust, used car buyers should do the same.

The TÜV report 2020 names the current one VW Sharan a spacious one Pampers bomber. So he’s whole 23 centimeters longer than its predecessor and it finally has Sliding doors, even electric on request. The potential owner can choose whether five, six or seven seats are on board. Anyone who wants can do a lot Assistants order. The list of options starts with active cruise control and ends with fatigue detection. Also behind you sit very comfortable. The Strength of VW Sharan is comfortable travel. VW offers two petrol engines with 150 and 220 HP and three diesels with power values ​​between 115 and 184 hp. Six-speed manual transmission and –DSG are available. Have certain versions 4WD. With the optionally available adaptive chassis can he Sharan even really sporty. If you look at them Audit record of Sharan closer to, it is striking that with his tail lights, with the Brake lines and with Exhaust systems hardly any problems.

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For other items on the checklist of the examiners, for example at landing gear, it looks different. He has that Sharan from the old Passat generation 3C. Feedback from TÜV: Die feathers can break, there are also problems with the Suspension. Possible Rust on load-bearing parts is a red cloth for the TÜV, the auditors often complain about this point. The same applies to the function of the Headlights. For that the current one gets Sharan in the test chapter Brakes Point deduction only for worn or rusted windows. The Emission test likes the big one VW not so happy. This can happen occasionally Oil loss come.

An XXL endurance test over twice the distance

VW Sharan: used car buying tips and discount

The Spanish twin brother Seat Alhambra drove 200,000 kilometers in the endurance test without any problems.

The tough endurance test in the How To Cars editorial went through instead of VW Sharan his spanish twin Seat Alhambra. And so problem-freethat AUTO BILD the distance on 200,000 kilometers doubled! There is no technical difference between the two models, so the Spaniard’s result is also for Sharan– Interested parties relevant. The first 100,000 kilometers tore the Alhambra between 2011 and 2013 felt on a tire flank. Once they were Headlights adjusted, once there was a small functional error, otherwise the Spaniard drove and drove and only saw the workshop from the outside. Beyond the 100,000 km, the reported Two-liter TDI a little louder and Adblue consumption attracted attention, but was not out of the ordinary. But after a little more than 150,000 kilometers they needed Wishbone new Console sockets. They flickered almost 7000 kilometers later License plate lights. First a loose contact was fixed, later there was a new lamp. The bitches of the Start-stop system appeared and disappeared again. It was only shortly before the endurance test that a more serious problem than that occurred air conditioner refused to work. The reason: a solved rivet had that compressor paralyzed. Fundamental quirks like the hype Navi, the insensitive DSG and the sometimes violent Sliding doors come on top of it. But overall it showed up Alhambra as a problem-free workhorse.

VW Sharan: small bus with great talent

VW Sharan: used car buying tips and discount

There are no technical differences between VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra.

The overall solid overall impression is confirmed after a few years when looking at a used VW Sharan. If the passengers in Row two adjust their seats a little forward, adults can also sit at the back. Because the Sliding doors Open without much effort and the seats slide diagonally forward in the middle, even non-artists can easily get into it third row of seats. The motor of choice is the 2.0 TDI best for the big one Sharan. It combines sufficient power with realistic consumption. Anyone looking for a car with DSG decides, must be able to live with the disadvantages of the comfortable double coupler. The gearbox can with Bucking and one Delay when starting annoy. This is especially the case with Maneuvering or in Trailer operation annoying. In addition, the gearbox needs feeling after that Cold start and new ones regularly (every 60,000 kilometers) Gear oil. It can also get old Rattle come. Anyone looking for an older Sharan interested, in addition to the points already mentioned, the Silentbloc on the front wishbones Have it checked and the correct function of the electric doors check. Both cost a lot of money if they need to be repaired.


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