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The VW T-Roc is new in the TÜV report. At the first HU appointment, he does not allow himself any weaknesses. The cross-shaped compact is also popular with the public, despite the hefty prices. The most important information for used car buyers from the AUTO BILD TÜV report!

VW T-Roc

Construction time: 2017 until today
110 PS (1.0 TSI) to 300 PS (R 4Motion)
from 17,000 euros
Occupant safety (Euro NCAP crash test 2017):
5 Stars

VW T-Roc in the AUTO BILD used car market

That’s him: A shirt-sleeved brother of the Audi A2. The MQB platform is shared by the VW T-Roc also with the Golf and numerous other group derivatives. The Tiguan’s little brother was criticized early on because of its cheap-looking plasticsthat do not match the proud price level, measured by the class. the VW T-Roc rolls off the assembly line in Setubal, Portugal and offers Enough space for up to four people at 4.23 meters. With 392 to 1237 liters the Trunk roughly at the level of the golf. The entry-level three-cylinder with 115 hp was replaced by a 110 hp version in November 2020. The 1.5 TSI with 150 PS and the 2.0 TSI 4Motion with 190 PS rank above this. If that’s not enough for you, you can get the 300 hp R. Diesel in the game since 2019 T-Roc despite the wide range from 115 to 190 hp no longer a major role.

The T-Roc has also been available as a four-seater convertible since 2019. It is 34 millimeters longer and is being built in Osnabrück.

He can do that: Drive well and bounce. The design, which is somewhat simple in detail, does not detract from the fun of driving. As usual from VW, the steering works exactly, the chassis offers sufficient comfort, the seating position is relatively high due to the design. However, the all-round visibility is poorwhich is hindered by the overflowing C-pillars in the rear area. A reversing camera should therefore be ordered when buying a new one.
That causes trouble: Basically it is T-Roc a solid car. The DSG gearboxes are now working largely trouble-free, even earlier corporate annoyance such as elongated timing chains, Fuming turbos and excessive oil consumption finally seem to be a thing of the past. The noticeably cheap interior with a lot of hard plastic remains annoying. Striking navigation systems and an occasionally poor paint quality can also add to the fun T-Roc slow down.

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TÜV judgment

landing gear
After the first TÜV inspection, the T-Roc any joint pain strange. No faults at all on the chassis, plus top marks for the steering. It can go on like this in the next few years.

Very good results in this chapter. Although some vehicles were noticeable by misaligned dipped headlights or functional deficiencies, the rate is well below the average. Completely inconspicuous: the turn signal system.

Top marks for the function of the braking system. The electric parking brake, which is otherwise often vulnerable, also performs reliably. In individual cases, the degree of wear on the brake discs was criticized, but still less than the average for the vehicles tested.
The presentation in the environmental chapter is also exemplary. The engine management works reliably, there are no major discrepancies with the AU. Only in extremely rare individual cases did some testers complain about oil loss.

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