VW T4 Camper 2.4: This T4 was used for Telekom

What to do if you don’t have around 40,000 euros for a new entry-level motorhome? Embark on the T3 adventure? This is something for screwdrivers and the patient. If you only have a budget of around 10,000 euros, the choice of motorhomes will be relatively small.

VW T4 Camper 2.4 D on eBay

But there are also interesting options in this price category. For example the VW T4 Camper, which is currently being offered on eBay for 9,000 euros.

The VW T4 should have age-appropriate signs of wear

The advertised T4 was registered for the first time in 1999 and was used in its first life as a test vehicle for Telekom. In 2005 the interior was finished.
eBay Volkswagen Bulli T4

At first glance, the Bulli appears to be in very good condition – inside and out.

Among other things, there is a large lying area in the rear, which can optionally be used as a seating area. There are also numerous cupboards. There doesn’t seem to be a permanently installed cooking facility, sink or cool box on board.
eBay Volkswagen Bulli T4

In the rear there is a comfortable sunbathing area. According to the information, there is no stove on board.

The seller states that the bus still has its original paintwork, signs of wear consistent with age and only small spots of rust.

According to the information, the VW needs new tires

A suitable battery and a charger for the construction are available. The car is not registered as a mobile home. According to the description, the tires should be renewed for reasons of age. The next appointment at the TÜV is not until May 2023.
eBay Volkswagen Bulli T4

Are the window seals brittle? You should pay attention to such details. Otherwise it can get damp in the car.

The permissible total weight is given as 2810 kilograms. The Bulli is therefore also interesting for all younger camping fans who are not allowed to move more weight with a driver’s license that is limited to 3.5 tons.
This T4 is not allowed in environmental zones without further ado – but there are ways to retrofit a particle filter. But the costs for this add to the purchase price.

This is what you should know about the VW T4 before you buy it

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the advertised VW cannot avoid a thorough check. VW T4 are solid fellows who can easily put up with high mileage. But it needs the right care.
If a VW T4 was parked in a well-ventilated garage in winter and not moved because of road salt, then the sheet metal is usually in perfect condition. If that wasn’t the case, the rust has probably struck. Folds and edges, joints and seams are usually affected.
With the 2.4 D with almost 75 hp, the T4 is robust and economical. Anyone looking for a quiet or particularly gentle Bulli should look out for a different version. But the five-cylinder diesel is difficult to break. But beware, the maintenance costs should be calculated beforehand – especially the taxes are high.

VW T4 Camper 2.4 D on eBay

According to the information, the timing belt was changed at 95,000 kilometers. The Bulli currently has 159,000 kilometers on the clock. That warrants a look at the condition of the belt. And on the nursing history as a whole. The more the seller can prove by means of invoices or the like, the better.

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