VW T4 Camper: Simple bargain Bulli for the technically savvy

camping is in. The industry is booming, manufacturers of Motorhomes look forward to full order books. But what to do when you’re around 40,000 euros for a new one BeginnersCamper not has? On that Adventure T3 don’t want to get in? If there is no budget of 10,000 euros and the first one trip of which is also to be paid, the selection of usable motorhomes small.
But she still offers interesting options. For example the VW T4 Camper Vanwhich is currently being advertised on eBay. On board the lovingly furnished Bullis – to put it bluntly – only bed, shelf and kitchen sink. The car is probably not technically flawless. Screwdriver should have a clear advantage here. The T4 with 68 hp strong diesel but only costs 4300 euros!

VW T4 Camper Van with TÜV on eBay

eBay VW T4 Camper Van

The blue VW T4 camper was apparently lovingly furnished.

398,000 kilometers, but attention to technology

Much information about the car can be found in the Description text the ad does not stand out. the Paint color Blue is listed that number of doors, the power of 68 hp and the mighty Mileage from 398,000 kilometers. The latter does not have to be an exclusion criterion, because T4 can also unwind a lot of kilometers with good care. The package offered calls for it anyway, the car absolutely to visit and if there is no specialist knowledge, if possible one Experts | to take with you.
Several points on the display have an effect very nice. First there are those pictures from the vehicle. the Vehicle front could have been repainted before. If you want to be absolutely sure, you should go for that reason research: Has there ever been damage to the front? Apart from that, the bus does one ordinary impression. That is backed up by the fact that he until the end of 2021 still TÜV has and through the 1500 Eurothat apparently went on the bus recently for repairs. According to the advertisement: the Exhaust gas pot, the connecting pipe, the Exhaust silencer, a tie rod end, a Steering boot, the handbrake cable, the Brake padswho have favourited brake discs, the Oil filter, some rust work, new one Engine oil and the underbody protection.
eBay VW T4 Camper Van
There should be enough space to sleep here.

A VW T4 is a fundamentally solid, robust companion

Anyone who can get excited about the advertised VW will lose one exact Check not around. T4 are solid Journeymenthat too high mileage can put away. But it depends on the right one care at. If a T4 has been parked in a well-ventilated garage in winter and has not been moved on the streets with road salt, the sheet metal is usually in perfect condition. If that wasn’t the case, he did rust probably slammed. Most are Folds and edge, Put and Seams affected.
With the 1.9 TD with 68 hp is the T4 above all robust and Thrifty motorized. If you are looking for a fast, quiet or particularly gentle Bulli, you should look for a different version. That’s what this is for small diesel hard to break. Of the turbocharger can be damaged. You usually notice that while driving disproportionate increasing Oil consumption. Individual owners also report that the drive wheel of Timing belt can shear off the crankshaft. However, this problem can be solved by replacing the crankshaft. the Maintenance costs you should calculate yourself beforehand. Taxes in particular are high.

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