VW T5 / T6 Bulli: this company converts Bullis into e-cars!

The 18-year-old Bulli with more than 350,000 kilometers on the clock and Engine failure has seen better days. A case for Nick Zippel and Henning Behn. The environmental technician and aircraft manufacturer from Hamburg give used cars a second life. age Burners out, news E-drive in, a battery under the body, replace necessary wear parts, done. Regardless of whether VW T5 or T6. Cost: from 28,000 euros for the remodeling.

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“We want to To conserve resources“, says sustainability pioneer Zippel. His 160-man company successfully builds photovoltaic systems and fuel cells for single-family houses. Actually, if it weren’t for his four children, he would be a car-negator. He has been using e-cars for eleven years now.” The planet can do it can no longer afford to always have everything newly produced, “says Dipl. Ing. Zippel.

Electric drive in VW Bulli and Golf

Nick Zippel (left, 48) actually earns his living with building technology, buddy Henning Behn (41) most recently worked for Airbus.

So he, buddy Behn, and two other engineers have this Start-up Naext based in Seevetal near Hamburg. The vehicle and aircraft construction engineers last worked on the A380 for Airbus. In just 100 days they developed one E-drive ready for series production with 110 kW power for used cars.
Electric drive in VW Bulli and Golf

A gutted old Bulli. The many white points are for the 3D scanner. Now the electric motor comes in.

Batteries, motor, control unit – the engineers pick it up proven technology return. The art is to connect everything with one another and to integrate it into an existing vehicle structure; the cars are plug-and-play capable. For this, Behn has the engine compartment of the Bulli with a sinfully expensive one 3-D scanner measured. This also shows how and where the individual new components are integrated: The Electric drive plugged under the hood, the great Battery under the floor. Everything with the TÜV seal.
Electric drive in VW Bulli and Golf

The lithium battery fits under the Bulli without raising it. Range: 200 kilometers, 400 on request.

But which cars are worth converting? Behn: “High mileage alone is not a problem. It is important that the Body in good shape is. It must not be a ‘rocked down’ vehicle. If welding or painting is necessary, you shouldn’t do it. “The company is currently offering the conversion for VW Bulli T5 and T6. The inventors are aiming for one for March 2022 Homologation at. This then replaces the individual approval by the testing organization.

Electric drive in VW Bulli and Golf

Back to the future: the Naext compensator’s lighting changes color regularly.

The first two converted Bullis have already been sold and drive through the Hamburg area for customers. Range of one: around 200 kilometers with the 54 kWh battery, 400 km with the Bulli with 76 kWh battery. Consumption with conscious driving style 23 kWh / 100 km. For comparison: A VW ID.3 consumes 15.5 kWh / 100 km. By request Naext also installs more capacity. For example 72 kWh (400 km), an extension up to 90 kWh is possible. “But the same applies here: conserve resources,” says Zippel. “With this technology, we can carry millions of combustion engines into the future – and we don’t have to buy new cars right away.” What is the Naext Step? “We want to deliver conversion kits and cooperate with workshops nationwide who then install the technology.” In the medium term, the conversion kits are intended for a range of 200 kilometers less than 20,000 euros costs. And the Seevetal want to electrify other car models: B.The Audi A2 is also to be added. Mercedes Vito, VW Crafter and Transit are also being planned,

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