VW T6 Multivan 2.0 TDI Trendline: almost new Bulli on eBay

The Germans love that VW bus. No wonder, it is considered to be more reliable partner for all situations. You can with the Bulli Transport furniture or with the Extended family in the holidays drive.

VW T6 Multivan 2.0 TDI Trendline on eBay

the generation T6 is generally considered a good choice. the quality is basically true and the possible weaknesses can be done well before buying a used copy check. at eBay is currently a VW T6 Multivan 2.0 TDI Trendline of the year 2017 for 43,299 euros offered for sale, the first 22,000 kilometers ran and almost New works.
eBay VW T6 Multivan Trendline

The two front seats can be rotated 180 degrees.

The bus has 150 hp, a trailer hitch, sat nav and more

The seller already lists some interesting details about the offered T6 in the headline for the advertisement. According to the information, the Bulli has one trailer hitch, one GPS and a manual Six-speed gearbox. In addition to the manageable number of kilometers on the speedometer, there is the VW accident free and he goes with twelve Months guarantee before. If you scroll down the display, you will find more Info to the Furnishing.
eBay VW T6 Multivan Trendline

Among other things, a reversing camera is part of the equipment.

Accordingly, the bus has, among other things, one Drowsiness detection, one USB-Sinterface, Leather steering wheel, Allergen filter, Seat heating front, rotating seats, Parking sensors and a Auxiliary heating with remote. It is about a Smoker version With cigarette lighter and Ashtray. The next HU and AU stand in January 2023 on. The color is Blue metallic.

What you should know before buying a VW T6

interested persons shouldn’t buy the offered VW T6 blindly. The reputation of the VW bus better than the car itself EA-288 diesel has left the exhaust gas manipulation on the predecessor EA 189 behind. However, a case from North Rhine-Westphalia (BILDplus article) raises the question of whether the T6 is also closed Problems with the engine there may be problems with the cooling of the EGR valve.
eBay VW T6 Multivan Trendline

The offered T6 looks very well cared for on the photos in the ad. Nothing negative can be seen.

Suspicion that the Electronics bitch can do, even the best VW have recently confirmed. There is the T6 no exception. Defective pressure sensors or just EGR valves have to be exchanged, they can provide for breakdowns. The high weight of the T6 strains the Suspensions. When it rumbles from the direction of the axles, the Bulli has to go to the workshop. With numerous T6s, the Adjusting the sliding doors will. Before buying it should also be on Edge rust on the sub-floor as well as under the rubbers in the entrances be respected. Otherwise this can become really expensive in the long term. the Interior wears out faster than expected if it is used a lot, potential owners should take a closer look. Better to buy a slightly more expensive, but more neat VW T6.

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