VW T7 Multivan (2021): new Bulli celebrates its premiere in mid-June

The T7 gains in car flair

After a number of teasers and sketches, it is finally out when the new VW bus will celebrate its premiere: The cloth will be pulled from the T7 in mid-June 2021. Together with this information there is a new sketch and further details about the new generation. According to VW, the new Bulli will have a larger wheelbase and will be wider and flatter than its predecessor.
VW T7 teaser

The new sketch shows the T7 in its entirety for the first time. The design looks more playful than its predecessor.

The new illustration also shows that the T7 is visually different from its predecessor and Features of the Golf 8 will incorporate. He gets a continuous LED strip on the front, the windscreen and bonnet are flatter. That makes a kind second A-pillar with triangular window (reminiscent of the Bulli generations one to three) necessary so that the side windows can be lowered. Underneath is an elegantly curved, filigree exterior mirror. VW still owes the rear to us. So far, it can only be seen that the T7 is getting a larger roof spoiler. Overall, the new generation seems to have more beads and edges than its predecessors, whose design is determined by smooth surfaces.

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No more back seats in the new T7

As a foretaste, VW has now published a new sketch of the interior, which unfortunately does not reveal much. It is a rough drawing of the view from the rear, you can see a panoramic roof and the backrests of the rear seats. Fortunately, that’s not all, because there are also the first details about the seating system of the new Multivan. The most important info: The back seat for the third row is out of the program, it will only single seats give. Up to five of these can be ordered for the area behind the front seats, and the seats in the second row can optionally be rotated 180 degrees again. The seats should much lighter than the current ones and therefore easier to install and remove and easier to move. Speaking of moving, ans Rail system the VW engineers have also leaned on, it is now continuous from the rear to the second row of seats. Thanks to the new system, the standard table in the Multivan can be docked anywhere. This has also been revised and should now be more functional. What exactly that means is unfortunately still open.

VW T7 sketch

VW promises that the T7 will have the most variable interior of the model series to date.

There is no official information about the cockpit yet, but the AUTO BILD spy hunters have already been able to photograph it. The dashboard with the two screens of the new T7 is particularly noticeable. Apparently the bus adapts the interior of the Golf 8 and receives a Digital cockpit (probably only in the higher equipment) as well as one Infotainment touchscreen framed by piano lacquer optics. The software in the prototype apparently comes directly from the Golf, the display still shows a view of the compact model. In addition, the handbrake lever disappears, but an electric parking brake is applied. The T7 takes over the touch field to the left of the steering wheel from the ID.3, via which the light and window heating are controlled. Variants with an automatic transmission get the small selector knob that is already known from other VAG models.
Erlkönig VW T7 Multivan

The cockpit is strongly reminiscent of the Golf 8. The T7 also has a small lever for selecting the gear.

Up to 245 hp in a plug-in hybrid

The T7 will be based on the MQB platform in the future. This enables the use of a 48-volt electrical system. All gasoline and diesel engines will likely be mildly hybridized. There will also be a plug-in hybrid at market launch, which will probably be the Drive from the Golf 8 GTE takes over. A 1.4-liter turbo four-cylinder and an electric drive together produce 245 hp and 400 Nm of torque. If its 13 kWh battery is also used, the electric one should be Range but below the 60 kilometers of the GTE. There will be no pure electric version of the T7. The role of the electric bus will be the ID. Take over buzz. Otherwise, the T7 should be on the well-known mix of gasoline, diesel, front and all-wheel drive as well as manual transmission and DSG put. The MQB platform probably also means a more modern chassis with McPherson struts and transverse rather than semi-trailing arms. This could mean that the bus could drive more dynamically and comfortably in the future.

Panel van and flatbed remain T6.1

In the future, the T7 Multivan will form a model family with the Sharan and Caddy Life. As usual, the bus is offered with different wheelbases. It remains to be seen whether they will then take on the roles of Sharan and Caddy Life. What is certain is that there is another one based on the T7 Camping version called California will give. The switch to the new platform saves costs on the one hand, but has one disadvantage: it is not suitable for commercial vehicles. That is why the panel van and flatbed versions of the T6.1 will continue to be built in parallel to the T7 for the time being, probably until 2025.
Erlkönig VW T7 Multivan

The MQB platform is not suitable for commercial vehicles. They will therefore continue to run as T6.1 until 2025.

Prices are likely to rise

Still in 2021 the T7 will be available from dealers and will also be available as a plug-in hybrid right from the market launch. The Multivan T6.1 currently starts at 35,960 euros. With the new technology and the expected additional equipment in the base, prices will rise slightly. At just under 40,000 euros it should start.


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