VW T7 Multivan with a discount of more than 15,000 euros compared to the RRP

New platform, modern look and finally electrified – VW has completely redesigned the Multivan and made it fit for the future. Thanks to the switch to the “MQB-Evo” kit, the VW bus can continue to live out its well-known strengths, but is finally also offered as a plug-in hybrid. In keeping with this, the designers have given the new Multivan a futuristic front design and also adopted the modern cockpit from the Golf 8. VW offers the T7 with two wheelbases, the maximum length of the variable bus is then 5173 mm. In the course of the modernization, the familiar back seat had to give way and was exchanged for individual seats. If that doesn’t bother you and still wants to call the new VW T7 Multivan your own, you should have at least 44,840 euros in your account according to the price list. But already offers high discounts: you can save up to 15,740 euros when buying the VW T7 Multivan (As of: December 16, 2021). The purchase premium for electric cars and plug-in hybrids is already included. (Here you can find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)


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VW Multivan with a discount

The VW Multivan is available at with a discount of up to 15,740 euros. (As of December 16, 2021)

In terms of drive, VW is expanding its range. In addition to two petrol variants and a diesel, which will be available from next year, the Multivan will also be available as a plug-in hybrid version for the first time. The VW T7 Multivan eHybrid combines a 1.4-liter gasoline engine (150 PS) with an 85 kW electric motor and thus gains a system output of 218 PS. The 13 kWh battery pack is supposed to ensure a purely electric locomotion of around 50 km. A six-speed DSG is responsible for changing gears in the electrified bus. You have to resort to exactly this motorization, if you want the highest discount. At, prices for the T7 Multivan with a long wheelbase and plug-in hybrid in the Style variant start at EUR 54,964. Compared to the list price of 69,705 euros, this corresponds to a discount of 14,741 euros or around 21 percent. The purchase premium for electric cars and plug-in hybrids is already included. With some extras on board, which are subject to a surcharge, the discount can grow to 15,740 euros (be careful, the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros).

Small petrol engine with a 12 percent discount

But the plug-in hybrid version is not suitable for every Multivan driver. If you don’t have a wallbox in your garage and can be content with 136 hp, you should take a look at the entry-level petrol engine. The 1.5 TSI petrol engine with a displacement of one and a half liters has an everyday torque of 220 Nm, which is transmitted via the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. In terms of equipment, you also have to accept a few compromises with the 1.5 TSI, after all, the engine is only offered as a basic version and as a Life model. The VW T7 Multivan 1.5 TSI Life costs at least 48,785 euros according to the RRP, at the prices for the 136 hp bus start at 42,954 euros. The saving of 5831 euros corresponds to a discount of at least 12 percent. Here, too, the transfer costs ensure that the discount is a few hundred euros lower.

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