VW Taos 1.5 T SEL 4motion: test, engine, all-wheel drive, price

The one so successful in Europe VW T-Roc is not offered in the United States. Instead, Volkswagen sells a compact one in the land of unlimited automotive possibilities SUV called Taos, and it would probably find its fans in this country too – not least because of its cheap price Starting price of around $ 23,000.

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In addition, the Taos looks really good, offers a clear, confident designthat many can probably agree on. Short overhangs, 2.68 meters longer wheelbase and on a manageable length of just 4.47 meters enough space for four or – if need be – five people. The hold is with 705 to 1700 liters volume stately behind the electric tailgate. The top model is the 1.5 T SEL 4motion, which is equipped with all-wheel drive, dual clutch transmission, LED headlights and 19-inchers as well as a corresponding comfort equipment including adaptive cruise control is on the way, with $ 33,000 but is already well above the base.
VW Taos

Familiar picture: In the interior, the Taos is a typical VW. We find a lot of well-known technology, the workmanship is good.

The interior of the Taos offers a lot of well-known technology

Inside we find a lot of well-known technology, good workmanship, animated instruments and a central Eight inch screen with navigation function, there are also several USB ports. the Seats are typically not only heated but also cooled in the USA and electrically adjustable. It is powered by a charged 1.5 liter Four-cylinder with 158 PS and 250 Nm, which is also available in a variant with a smaller displacement in the US model of the Jetta plugged. Volkswagen promises one Standard consumption from 28 mpg which is converted 8.4 liters of super per 100 kilometers are – by American standards, a real stinker.
VW Taos

In normal operation, the all-wheel-drive Taos is on the road as a front-wheel drive. The rear axle only switches on when necessary.

If necessary, the front drive can be turned into an all-wheel drive

With the 1.5he is the little one All-wheel drive quite fast on the way. The electromechanical power steering is very smooth, but gives a surprising amount of feedback for a US model. With the large 19-inch models, the Taos is in this class very sporty and more compact than many of its competitors from Korea, Japan or the USA. The well-known seven-step Double clutch does its job discreetly in the background as usual. During a relaxed journey, only the front wheels are driven and the rear wheels are decoupled to save fuel. The rear axle can, however, if necessary, in fractions of a second via the Center differential can be switched on, with up to 50 percent of the drive power going backwards.

VW T-Roc in the AUTO BILD used car market

The different Driving programs are hardly noticeable in day-to-day operation, and their large number is also a little confusing. Because in addition to sport, normal, comfort and individual, complementary In addition, the all-wheel drive levels Onroad, Snow, Offroad, and Custom Offroad the offer.

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