VW Tiguan (2021): Tests, prices and all information about the facelift

Prices: That costs the VW Tiguan

The currently most successful VW model is now being offered as a facelift. In 2019 alone, the Tiguan was built over 900,000 times worldwide. And over the years it has even wrested the crown from the Golf as the most important VW. In addition to classic and electrified drives, VW also offers an independent R version, which is intended to teach the Tiguan sportiness. Prices start at 29,855 euros for the 130-horsepower gasoline engine with six-speed gearbox. The plug-in hybrid Tiguan “eHybrid” starts at 43,510 euros. The new top model of the series, the Tiguan R, starts at 60,420 euros.

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The facelift of the VW Tiguan is available from (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) as a new car with discounts. The biggest savings are currently on the plug-in hybrids 1.4 eHybrid. Up to 13,171 euros below the list price are possible here (environmental bonus already included).


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Buy VW Tiguan at a discount

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Appearance: Tiguan has the current brand face

VW Tiguan R-Line !! BLOCKING PERIOD July 01, 2020 00:01 !!

New LED taillights with flip-flop light signature move in at the rear.

Sure, the Tiguan’s facelift is primarily recognizable by its appearance. Here, the designers have changed the front in particular. The keyword is: new brand face. Particularly noticeable here are the Headlights. You are now wearing one that is based on the Golf 8 Daytime running light signature and their “eyelids” extend into the fender. There is now also an option Matrix LED light. Of the The grille is somewhat reminiscent of the T-Cross and visibly refreshes the Tiguan compared to the pre-facelift. As befits an update, there are new aprons under the grill for all equipment variants. On the side, only the new decorative elements in the area of ​​the sill and the fender are noticeable, otherwise the VW SUV remains true to itself here. At the rear, LED taillights move in for the facelift.

VW Tiguan R-Line !! BLOCKING PERIOD July 01, 2020 00.01 a.m. !!

Now with touch controls: VW has upgraded the SUV in the right places in the interior.

Interior: climate control in the future via touch

In the interior, the Wolfsburg inter alia on the Golf 8 in the parts shelf and miss the compact SUV Multifunctional steering wheel with touch surfaces for operation. Behind it is an optional one fully digital instrument cluster with 10-inch diagonal. Also the Climate control is on by buttons Touch surfaces customized. Here the Tiguan is also reminiscent of the Golf platform dispenser. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Tiguan also remains tidy and pragmatic when it comes to the facelift. In terms of space, the Tiguan is spacious as usual.

VW Tiguan R-Line !! BLOCKING PERIOD July 01, 2020 00:01 !!

The dashboard display is already familiar, but the substructure is brand new. From now on there is MIB 3.

Equipment: Travel Assist now also for the Tiguan

VW has upgraded the Tiguan to a facelift, especially when it comes to safety. LED headlights are always standard, but the new “IQ.Light” matrix LED light is available as an option. 24 LED projectors per headlight provide intelligent illumination of the road. As far as the assistance systems are concerned, the Tiguan adopts the “Travel Assist“. The feature bundles various driver assistants to a semi-autonomous system. Pleasant for the driver: Activation takes place via a button on the Multifunctional steering wheel. From then on, the Tiguan works by itself. As far as the equipment lines are concerned, the Wolfsburg-based company has reorganized the Tiguan. The basic model is now called the Tiguan, followed by the Life line. Depending on your requirements, the Elegance or the R-Line form the top equipment in the new Tiguan.

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Connectivity: SUV gets MIB 3

With the facelift, Volkswagen is taking the infotainment of the Tiguan to a new level. The compact SUV now also has the third-generation modular infotainment kit (MIB 3) as standard across all equipment lines.. With it, the Tiguan is always online thanks to the E-SIM card. Those who value greater connectivity choose the next higher level of infotainment for the VW and receive that wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via cable. Configured in this way, the SUV also gets that intelligent voice assistant from the Golf 8 donated. In contrast to the Golf, however, no vehicle functions can be controlled here; this feature will only be available with the next generation of the Tiguan. The basic touchscreen measures 6.5 inches, while the top version measures 9.2 inches. There are new USB ports below the climate module. To ensure that the Tiguan is still fit for the next few years, VW will be relying on illuminated USB-C ports in the future.

Comparative test: Tiguan beats BMW X1 and Mazda CX-5

In the comparison test it had to Facelift of the Tiguan against the BMW X1 and Mazda CX-5 compete. The Wolfsburg was able to prevail and goes as Winner off the pitch. In second place was the BMW, the Mazda wearing the red lantern. The testers were particularly impressed by the successful overall concept of the VW.

Became a facelift Above all, honed in the driving comfort of the Tiguan, on the other hand, the new climate condition with touch surfaces has a negative effect. For the BMW, it was not enough for the crown due to its lack of suitability for everyday use. The X1 has significantly less space than the VW and is expensive, but the test editorial team voted positively for the typical BMW, active driving vote. In the Mazda, the test revealed weaknesses in processing. The Japanese are at a good level, but unfortunately it’s not enough for the German competition. You can find the detailed comparison test here!

Conclusion by Gerald Czajka and Mirko Menke: VW has given the Tiguan another noticeable fine-tuning, especially when it comes to driving comfort. The further digitized operation, however, is not convincing in all respects. The sporty X1 neglects everyday life a bit, the inexpensive CX-5 does not quite reach the class of the Germans.

Tiguan R: sports model comes with 320 hp

VW Tiguan R !! BLOCKING PERIOD July 01, 2020 00:01 !!

The Tiguan R needs its huge air inlets to supply the additional cooler with air.

For the facelift, the Tiguan is also getting a real R version. Here the SUV gets special aprons mighty air inlets at the front and a diffuser at the rear. For the rims, VW offers one reserved for the Tiguan R. 21 inch rim with the R logo in the rim flange. Behind it is one 18-inch sports brake with perforated discs. Inside the R there are sport seats with integrated headrests with colored contrasting stitching. The leather-covered sports steering wheel on the top model is also particularly thick and fits comfortably in the hand.
Under the hood a Two-liter four-cylinder with 320 hp and a maximum torque of 420 Nm work. This is the fourth generation of the tried and tested EA 888 enginewhich has served the Wolfsburgers as an all-purpose weapon for sports models for years. In addition to the engine, VW also has one for the R. newly developed all-wheel drive donated. He now has Torque vectoring and distributes the drive torque variably to the wheels. This should make the Tiguan particularly agile when cornering quickly. If you also want to hear the engine performance, the Tiguan R also has the option of ordering a titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic.

VW Tiguan eHybrid !! BLOCKING PERIOD July 01, 2020 00:01 !!

The Tiguan will also be electrified and become a plug-in hybrid.

Engines and market launch: For the first time as a plug-in hybrid and R

In addition to the classic, well-known petrol and diesel variants, the Tiguan is also getting one for the first time Plug-in hybrid drive. That gives the SUV up to 50 kilometers fully electric range – at a System output of 245 hp. VW calls the drive “eHybrid”. VW equips the diesel engines with an additional twin dosing emission control system. The diesel engines start at 122 hp, while the top diesel produces 200 hp. The petrol engine starts at 130 hp, the most powerful being the R model with 320 hp.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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Vattenfall logo

The engines at a glance:

Gasoline engine:
● VW Tiguan 1.5 TSI: Power: 130 HP; Torque: 220 Nm; Transmission: six-speed manual gearbox; Drive: front wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan 1.5 TSI: Power: 150 HP; Torque: 250 Nm; Transmission: six-speed manual gearbox (seven-speed DSG optional); Drive: front wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 4Motion: Power: 190 hp; Torque: 320 Nm; Transmission: seven-speed DSG; Drive: all-wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 4Motion: Power: 245 hp; Torque: 370 Nm; Transmission: seven-speed DSG; Drive: all-wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan R 4Motion: Power: 320 hp; Torque: 420 Nm; Transmission: seven-speed DSG; Drive: all-wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI: Power: 122 hp; Torque: 320 Nm; Transmission: six-speed manual gearbox; Drive: front wheel drive.

● VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI: Power: 150 HP; Torque: 340 Nm; Transmission: six-speed manual gearbox (seven-speed DSG optional); Drive: front-wheel drive (all-wheel optional).

● VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4Motion: Power: 200 HP; Torque: 400 Nm; Transmission: seven-speed DSG; Drive: all-wheel drive.

Plug-in hybrid:
● VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI eHybrid: System output: 245 PS; Torque: 400 Nm; Transmission: six-speed DSG; Drive: front wheel drive.

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