VW Tiguan for 259 euros in private leasing

The VW Tiguan is the most popular SUV of the Germans! From January to May 2022, the Wolfsburg car was already sold 20,385 times. The Tiguan is so popular mainly because of its solid and reliable nature. That was also the result of the AUTO BILD endurance test. The SUV was driven over 125,000 kilometers and was ultimately able to pass with a 1-.
The base price of the Tiguan is 30,625 euros. In the entry-level model, the VW has a manual six-speed gearbox and 130 hp. If you want a little more standard equipment, you can, for example, fall back on the VW Tiguan Life. It is at least 32,545 euros. But it is even cheaper with the current leasing offer for private customers!

Four years of VW Tiguan drive for 13,331 euros

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), the VW Tiguan Life 1.5 TSI is currently available for leasing for EUR 259 gross per month. Private customers can drive the SUV 10,000 kilometers a year for four years.
Those who travel a little more often can also increase the free kilometers to 15,000 (277 euros gross) or 20,000 (295 euros gross) per year. At first glance, the contract period cannot be extended, but it can be worth asking the dealer. (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Transfer costs of EUR 899 gross are added to the monthly leasing rate. No deposit is required with this deal. In the most favorable case, this results in total leasing costs of EUR 13,331 gross (48 times EUR 259 plus EUR 899).

With this deal, the VW Tiguan can be freely configured

With this offer, customers are free to decide on the paintwork color, the design of the interior and other special equipment. The Tiguan Life comes with the following highlights as standard: 17-inch alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, leather multifunction steering wheel, three-zone air conditioning, drowsiness warning system and pedestrian detection.

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