VW Tiguan vs. Kia Sorento: test, SUVs, engine, price, seven-seater

VW Tiguan Allspace (2021): Facelift – Presentation – SUV – Price – Info

Freshness treatment for the VW Tiguan Allspace

What drives those who consciously unite Sorento take a closer look or take special interest in the long Tiguan Allspace express? Factors such as prestige, sustainability or design fall under these two sweeping SUVs hardly any weight. It’s primarily about space, space and even more space. Both of these offer more than sufficient. In addition, both have a sixth and a seventh seat. With the Sorento it is third row of seats for 990 euros Always available, at VW you have to order the longer Tiguan Allspace (+21.5 cm) and plan an additional 750 euros. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)
Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi AWD

No cat bench: The third row of seats in the Kia Sorento comes with its own climate control and practical USB ports.

Kia accommodates the rearmost passengers better

Kia is with Space, comfort and entry much more generous towards the back. Even in the last row there is a climate control and two USB ports. In the narrower VW only the view out of the window or on the hard plastic shelves remains. Getting in and out is like conquering an obstacle course, whereas in the Kia the bank unlocks electrically. A look into the trunk shows that South Korea has given more thought to the seven-seat concept. Both offer a level loading floor when the third row of seats is folded down. The side compartments are closed with flaps on the Kia, but not on the VW.

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In addition, bothers the Tiguanthat the trunk floor is slightly higher than the bumper (about four centimeters). With the standard (from Elegance) folding to the front Passenger seat back come to Lower Saxony Objects up to 2.80 m in length below, the Kia is already at 1.96 m. The fellow travelers reside at eye level in the second row. VW comes up trumps here when it comes to the details. That Feeling of space Thanks to larger windows – an advantage also in terms of clarity – and a narrower C-pillar, the bench is a lot better fabulous upholstery. At Kia things are no worse, they have been for years unappealing hard plastic on the front seats is allowed to Facelift but can be omitted. Nice detail: two conveniently positioned USB ports at the seats. The driver and front passenger are also not neglected when it comes to comfort.

VW Tiguan in the AUTO BILD used car market

VW also offers that here as a whole more pleasant seating, the upholstery is still comfortable even after hours of driving. Kia focuses more on scope than fine-tuning. Our test copy doesn’t just offer fine nappa leather, but also Seat heating and ventilation as well as a electrical adjustment including memory for both seats. Criticism? Must be. We lack an adjustable thigh support on both front seats, as is so often the case with the South Koreans. VW also has leather and other amenities in its range, but demands it hefty 2965 euros extra. Plenty of plastic is built into both cars, There is nothing to complain about about the workmanship and material quality.

VW Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 4Motion

This is where touching takes place: VW’s new preference for touch operation can also be felt in the Tiguan. Not everyone likes that.

The operating concept of the Tiguan is impractical

It is different with the operation: VW has had one for some time Preference for touching. The occupants now tap and swipe not only for infotainment, but also to regulate the temperature. Impractical! At Kia there is still real buttons. This is what the operation of the Lane Keeping Assist hidden in the depths of the touch display. That in turn does VW better – with two buttons on the indicator lever and steering wheel. In the voice control Both companies still have to improve a bit. The Sorento sometimes asks us to speak more slowly, the navigation system in the Tiguan requires an exact city-street-house number announcement, just speaking in doesn’t work. In sum, the two are in balance.

Kia Sorento in the AUTO BILD used car market

We come to the engine, transmission and chassis. The Tiguan has an advantage here. Both test cars drive with chic 20 inch tires before the Sorento offers this combination always in connection with the top line Premium. For the VW, the Cape Town wheel set costs 600 euros (for the Elegance line), but you also need either the sports package for 520 euros, the Adaptive chassis for 1045 euros or the top package for 1985 euros. Under tip: Treat yourself to the adaptive chassis. Yes, the 20-inchers are noticeable, but even with that, the VW still bounces a lot reliable and comfortable.
Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi AWD VW Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 4Motion

Kia has trusted the Sorento for seven years. The Tiguan’s warranty lasts for two years and can be extended to five years at an additional cost.

The extra long warranty is only available free of charge from Kia

The Kia on the other hand rolls more brittle, does not cushion quite as reliably high-build body gives a touch less confidence on brisk driving. In both cases, we recommend at least one wheel size less for more comfort. The question still remains of costs. Who is ahead here is probably out of the question. At Kia, a lot is already standard on board. It looks different at VW. The Wolfsburg bid many Extras only at an additional cost at. In the rated test trim, the Sorento costs exactly 2275 euros more, but the Tiguan would put itself ahead of the Koreans simply because of the leather package mentioned. Advantage VW: With the costs for Insurance and tax it does noticeably better. The topic guarantee we like to talk to you again: At Kia it’s seven years, at VW only two. Unless you pay extra. Only for 1400 euros extra Volkswagen grants five years of peace of mind. This leads to worry lines in us. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

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