VW Trinity (2026): This is what the electric Passat could look like

VW is working on a new type of electric sedan with the code name “Trinity”. With the Trinity receives the new one MEB platform their first update and becomes the “SSP” platform. This should set “benchmarks for range, charging speed and digitization” in the upcoming notchback VW, but also in another body variant. The effort that goes into developing and producing the new electric car is huge. VW announced To build a new factory outside the headquarters in Wolfsburg especially for the Trinity project. How the new VW model could look like is shown in the AUTO BILD illustration.

VW models with a car subscription at ViveLaCar

We assume that the new one will be a good 4.70 meters long and fairly flat with a generous wheelbase. At the front you can expect the continuous strip of lights that VW has now installed in various new models. Narrow LED strips stacked on top of one another and arranged in an interrupted semicircle could form an exciting light signature. One Shaped front apron with accentuated side air inlets, in which the main headlights find their place, would provide a touch of sportiness. The fenders, which are pulled far upwards and together with the shoulder line, create a dynamic wave, would have the same effect.

The base should cost around 35,000 euros

From 2026 the new electric car is to roll off the assembly line in Wolfsburg. There is a high one in the room Range, we’re talking about 700 kilometers. In addition to short charging times (probably with 800-volt technology as in the Porsche Taycan), according to VW, the vehicle will also be used for autonomous driving according to level 4 be ready. The aim is to give as many people as possible access to this technology. At the same time, the company also wants his Rethink the way vehicles are built. Future cars of the group will be in substantial in the course of the project fewer variants come on the market. That would mean that the cars already had almost all functions on board in the base, but individual features could then be activated as required. This consideration streamlines production and that could lower the price. The basic version will probably charge around 35,000 euros.

VW wants to offer more services

The topic digitalization should a important role to play. VW is therefore announcing further data-based business models. This also includes charging and energy services. VW is thus in some respects from being a pure automaker to becoming a service provider.

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