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‘W817’ casts together again for the first time in the photo on set reunion film ‘8eraf!’

The long-awaited reunion film of W817. In 8eraf! we get to see how the characters we got to know during their college days are still doing. Shooting started a few weeks ago and now we get to see the first photo with the full cast.

Govert Deploige, Kadèr Gürbüz, Britt Van Der Borght, Danny Timmermans, Aron Wade, Jenne Decleir, Aagje Dom and Machteld Timmermans, are forever etched in our memory as Steve, Birgit, Zoë, Tom, Akke, Carlo, Jasmijn and Ellen from W817. Later this year they can be seen together again in the new film 8eraf! and now there is the first picture of the full cast.

Everyone together

We already got to see some photos from the set of 8eraf. But now there is also a first group photo with the full cast. It shows all the actors together again, 18 years after the last episode of W817 was broadcast.

They have all aged a few years, of course, but it is clear that they are still just as excited about it as they were almost 20 years ago.


Although the shooting of the film 8eraf! have only just started, a lot has happened around the W817-movie. In early 2020, the cast of W817 fans to buy tickets for the movie. If 50,000 tickets were sold in advance, then there was enough budget to make the film. The 50,000 mark was quickly reached, but then the corona virus threw a spanner in the works.

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the shooting of the film had to be postponed and the film could not, as planned, reach the theaters at the end of 2020. But now the recordings can start and the film will be shown in theaters this autumn.

View the photo of the W817-cast:


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