Waiting time for results of rapid tests corona is increasing

A few weeks ago, if you were tested before noon, you would get the results the same day, says Albert Akkermans, director of Medicorps, which conducts commercial corona tests.

Later the waiting time for the results increased to 24 hours and customers are now told that it takes an average of 36 hours.

‘Wait less long’

Medicorps employs its own nurses who conduct corona tests at home. Companies take out a subscription, with the intention that their staff does not have to wait for the results at home as long as when they have themselves tested at the GGD.

Customers include schools and day care centers. “96 percent of the results are still negative, so many employees are unnecessarily at home,” Akkermans said.

Labs are the bottleneck

The waiting time has increased because the labs cannot keep up enough with the increase in the number of tests administered, Akkermans explains.

Medicorps itself has hired more people to take tests at people’s homes. It is roughly about doubling the number of employees per week, says Akkermans.


A PCR corona test (the corona test as performed by the GGD) costs 160 euros at Medicorps, but the result can take a few days. For 240 euros you have a quick test, the result of which must now be in within 30.

You also have to wait longer for the result of a corona test at the GGD. A few weeks ago, the results from 93 to 94 percent were received within 48 hours, now it has dropped to 85 percent, said spokesman Sonja Kloppenburg.

Some of them arrive faster, according to the latest figures of 28.4 percent the results are already within 24 hours. A test at the GGD is free.

31 minutes on hold: say your name

Other commercial testers, like Medicorps, also seem to be busy. For example, RTL Z called Stadskliniek, which has eight branches in the Netherlands.

After 31 minutes, the voice on a tape said that the first line that became free was for the caller, but when the moment came, the message followed that Stadskliniek was unable to speak to the caller. The request followed to record name and telephone number.

Coronalab and Huisartslab

We also queued for a long time at Coronalab. RTL Z hung up after 18 minutes.

The phone was answered at Huisartslab after ten minutes. With a regular test, it takes between 24 and 60 hours for a result. A test costs 100 euros and 60 euros per person if you register with two or more people from one living or working community.

The result of a rapid test is faster, it is said, how much faster is not said. The employee could not tell us the price either.


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