Wall Street earnings on US economic recovery Financial

The future for the Dow Jones index is trading slightly higher towards the opening, the S&P 500 rises 0.3%, the Nasdaq opens around 0.5% in the plus.

The GDP figure rebounded by 33.1%, according to figures from the Commerce Department. This is in line with what analysts had estimated in advance (+ 31%).

On paper, this is the fastest rise in the economy since the government division started keeping track of the figures in 1947. The figure is also used as a score for the presidential elections on November 3.

The largest economy in the world has thus also largely recovered from the downturn of 31.4% in the second quarter. But growth is lagging behind the fourth quarter of 2019.

Analysts point to the resurgence of the coronavirus, which will damage the economy.

Investors look at a series of business results for the third quarter.

The share Moderna, which reported that its anti-corona vaccine could enter its next phase of testing, rose by 3%.

Utility PG&E went to profit for its third quarter in the third quarter, and grew sales after quarters of setbacks.

Ford Motor plus in the market. The carmaker increased its quarterly profit by $ 2 billion, in part thanks to sales of pickups and SUVs.


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