“Wall Street on a record hunt after Pfizer” | Financial

US futures indicated that the S & P500 and Dow Jones will skyrocket 3.7% and 5.3%, hitting record levels earlier this year. The Nasdaq is likely to lag a bit behind with a plus of 0.5%.

Pfzer announced that great strides have been made with his coronavirus vaccine. Preliminary research has shown that 90% of the vaccine is effective and safe. The pharmaceutical company is likely to make more than 10% profit at the start.

Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election also contributed to investor enthusiasm for buying stocks.

Bank stocks in particular will be able to count on large buyers’ interest. JPMorgan appears to be opening more than 7% higher.

Airlines will almost certainly also take to the air. Delta Airlines stands for a more than 20% higher opening.

Tech funds are likely to be slowing down after last week’s boom. Apple seems to be opening 1% in the plus.

For Zoom, the news from Pfizer hit hard. The rate of the video service, which became very popular due to the many working from home, seems to be slipping more than 17%.


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