Wallbox funding: this is how the application for a € 900 grant works

Fresh money for domestic wall boxes: All in all 800 million euros provides the Federal Ministry of Finance Promotion of private charging stations for e-cars on residential buildings (this is how it’s done). By the summer of 2021, more than 620,000 funding applications had been approved, which is why the federal government injected a further 300 million euros in funding. The measure belongs to Funding program “charging infrastructure in residential buildings”.
The funding led to a massive increase in interest in wall boxes for the home Grant of 900 euros Per private charging stationwith which the covenant Purchase and iInstallation promotes, turned out to be substantial and attractive (there are five inexpensive wallboxes with subsidies here). Is responsible for the distribution the state development bank KfW, which has been financing the promotion since November 24, 2020. asked.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

In co-operation with

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Many applications still do not have an e-car

According to Customer survey the KfW Bank Around 45 percent of the households that have applied to date do not yet have an electric car, while 93 percent are planning to purchase an electric car within the next three years. Background of the funding measure: Since around 80 percent of all charging processes take place at home or at work, the federal government wants to make electromobility more attractive for private individuals. Aim are ten million electric cars on Germany’s roads until 2030. There is also the environmental bonus when buying most electrified vehicles of up to 9,000 euros.

Delivery time for wallboxes: patience is required

E-cars at several wall boxes

If there are several charging points, multiple funding of 900 euros each is included.

However: Due to the high demand Wallboxes are partially sold out, threaten the customer Waiting times of weeks or even months. “We can confirm that the delivery times of some wallboxes have increased significantly. We are assuming that this is related to federal funding,” said a spokesman for the Electromobility Competence Center in North Rhine-Westphalia to AUTO BILD. Electrician Volker Trute from the “E-Werk Sachsenwald” near Hamburg, who has been in the electricity business for 30 years, also reports on previously unknown delivery problems: “We have hardly been able to keep up since the start of funding. Everyone wants a wallbox, even if you don’t have an e-car yet. “(Renault Zoe now with discounted wallbox)

Several e-car charging points are possible, each of which can be subsidized

The charging devices themselves sometimes only cost around 500 euros, but there are usually also considerable costs for the provision of the connection and any conversion work. To get the grant entitled “To get charging stations for electric cars – residential buildings “, the total cost must be at least 900 euros. When the charging station several charging points has, you can receive this amount as a grant for each of them – assuming yours total cost are at least 900 euros per charging point. (Further information on funding and applications is available from KfW Bank)

This is how the application for wallbox funding works

Logo at the KfW headquarters in Frankfurt

The state-owned KfW Bank approves grants.

The requirement for funding is the receipt of 100 percent green electricity. Very important: the application had to before installation will! Once the grant has been approved, you can receive the Order the charging station and the Order installation work. You can also use the Perform identification, for example via Schufa identity check. Finally Upload your invoices, confirm the implementation of your project, provide your bank details and arrange for the grant to be paid out.

Which wallboxes are funded?

Who is Wallbox funding for?

The promotion is for private charging stations provided, the wallbox may not open to the public be. Commercial use is also excluded. The following are entitled: private owners, apartment owners’ associations, tenants and landlords (private individuals, companies, housing associations). (This is what tenants and homeowners need to know about wall boxes)

Further funding programs for wallboxes

There are currently numerous regional and local funding programs for the purchase of electric cars or the installation of a wallbox. You can take advantage of additional funding if you have a Photovoltaic system install for solar power, the parking space or the garage as well as the access routes rebuild barrier-free or house and garage protect against burglary.

ADAC wallbox test 2021: which ones are recommended?

In the end the question remains which one Wallbox best to take. Of the ADAC recently has six eligible 11 kW models tested. The products were given grades between 1.0 (very good and 5.0 (poor) rated. The scope of delivery and installation were weighted with ten percent, security and function with 30 percent each, the equipment with 20 percent and the app again with ten percent. The grade in the field safety However, always played the main role.
The test winner at the ADAC was the wallbox “Kostad TX-1000” with a grade of 1.8. This box is no longer available, but it is based on the “Terra AC wall charging station” from ABB. They did well “Vestel EVC04-AC11SW-T2P” (Grade 2.1), the “Volkswagen ID. Charger Connect” (Grade 2.1) and the “Hesotec Electrify eBox wr30 right 11kw” (Grade 2.2). Those responsible behind the “ Wallbox Pro Connect 11 kw” be happy. The bottom of the ADAC test was the “EVBox Elvi (E3160-A35062-10.2) “. The testers complained about inadequate safety instructions for the installation. In addition, the residual current circuit breaker did not trip in the test.

This was the result of the AUTO BILD wallbox test

On behalf of CAR PICTURE and cooperation partners Edison have the specialists from the DEKRA four wall boxes and a mobile charging station checked. Wallboxes from the VW subsidiary were also there Elli, from the supplier Webasto and from the press manufacturer Heidelberg as well as from wallbe. Then there was the mobile charging station Juice booster 2. They stayed with all sockets Readings consistently im green area, for example there was none Heat build-up. Basically, all boxes do their job: They safely supply electricity for charging e-cars. Of the price difference Of around 2000 euros between the most expensive and the cheapest device is explained, among other things, by special cabling that is more resilient than the competition. pricePerformancewinner became the Webasto Pure wallbox. Important: Due to the lack of an internet connection, the Webaso Pure is not eligible for funding.

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