Wallbox: These charging point packages are offered by car manufacturers

The easiest way to get loads is to have the best overview of the costs Electric car at home, ideally with one Wallbox: This is a specific power outlet on the wall for quick and convenient charging of e-cars. It charges the battery up to ten times more quickly on as per Schuko socket. In addition to many providers of wall boxes, they also sell electricity providers, they are available in popular e-retailers and mail order houses, and also Automakers have home charging stations on offer, mostly in partnership with a wallbox manufacturer.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

In co-operation with

Vattenfall logo

Some car manufacturers – such as Hyundai, Mazda or Peugeot – do not offer wall boxes themselves, but work with cooperation partners. The charging stations offered here come either directly from the wallbox manufacturer or via internet portals such as The Mobility House. The only difference to the branded charging stations: They are not provided with the brand logo of a car manufacturer. AUTO BILD takes a look at these wall boxes. Since the end of November 2020 Acquisition and installation of a wallbox from the federal government funded with 900 euros. Vattenfall and Renault are currently adding a discounted wallbox when buying a car. Anyone who has bought a Renault Zoe as a Vattenfall green electricity customer since March 8, 2021 will receive a discounted wallbox, a Vattenfall benefit of 200 euros and a free double trunk floor valued at 194 euros.

Hyundai cooperates with Wallbox chargers

Hyundai offers the Kona Elektro and the Ioniq Elektro. Then there is the e-Soul and the e-Niro from Daughter Kia. Who as a buyer a Can be charged at home is looking for and doesn’t want to hang out for many, many hours at his household socket with his e-car, that’s what the Koreans offer in cooperation with Wallbox Chargers a wallbox with all-round service at. While a conventional socket in the house or garage wall can only be charged with 2.3 kilowatts (kW) of power, the wall boxes from Hyundai offer flexible and safe charging capacities between 7.4 and 22 kW.
The above-mentioned Hyundai models can be charged with a maximum of 7.2 kW from the AC network, the OnboardCharger of the Kona Elektro with the 150 kW (204 PS) electric motor can also handle the 11 kW of the wallbox. The prices for the available wallboxes start at 829 euros. After purchasing the Wallbox at the HyundaiDealers Wallbox Chargers accompanies the Hyundai driver through to the installation. Other plus points when purchasing an electric model from Hyundai: Also with the Ioniq do they exist Environmental bonus, at both vehicles now eight year guarantee.

Honda cooperates with Vattenfall

Honda and Vattenfall cooperate and start with the introduction of the Honda Power Charger S + (4G) selling the first joint intelligent, networked Charger in Germany exclusively for Honda e customers. The design of the wallbox is optically matched to the Honda e and is compatible with all e-vehicles that have a common Type2 connector feature. The entire order processing, installation and extensive customer service are in the hands of Vattenfall InCharge.
Wallboxes - rewards

Honda relies on three different boxes. The “Honda Power Charger”, “Honda Power Charger S” and “Honda Power Charger S +”.

Vattenfall InCharge offers a fixed package price for most installation projects. By answering a few questions in the ordering process, it is determined whether an installation package is an option or an individual installation offer is created. The Honda Power Charger S + (4G) and the installation costs are eligible.

Mazda works with E.on

Mazda EBox Smart with cable - Wallbox

Mazda, together with the energy supplier E.on, offers its customers various wall boxes.

Mazda cooperates with the energy supplier E.on and offers various mobility solutions. The partners recently expanded the offer for Mazda customers and the 11 kW wallbox, which is also eligible for funding E.on Drive vBox Smart taken into the program. The starting price of the box is loudly included 629 euros. As part of the cooperation, customers can also use both the professional installation the wallbox as well as the charging tariff E.on Drive Easy book for on the go.

Wallbox from Opel

The from Opel among other things, charging stations offered by Manufacturer EVBox “Wall Box, smart 11 kW 3-phase with cable” (891.51 Euro, RRP including VAT) and “Wall Box, smart 22 kW 3-phase without cable “ (1089.84 euros, RRP including VAT) also meet these requirements.

Volvo cooperates with Garo AB

The Swedish manufacturer also offers all customers who order or own a Volvo Recharge model a complete package consisting of a wallbox and installation. Customers purchase the wallbox as a complete package from Telekom. The Volvo wallbox comes from the Swedish manufacturer Garo AB. The model has a charging capacity of up to 11 kW, WiFi connectivity and a permanently attached cable five meters in length and a type 2 plug.
Volvo wallbox

The Volvo wallbox comes from the Swedish manufacturer Garo AB.

The wallbox is splash-proof (IP44) and can be installed indoors and outdoors. In the webshop, among other things, a column is available to which the wallbox can be attached if wall mounting is not possible or not desired. The complete wallbox package costs 2279 euros (including VAT) for Volvo Recharge customers. It includes the charging station, a pre-check by a technician and a standard installation package including material. The Volvo Wallbox meets the requirements of the KfW 440 subsidy program and can be subsidized with up to 900 euros (here the funding status).

Branded wall boxes from Fiat and Mitsubishi

To the new Fiat 500 with electric drive Fiat offers a branded wallbox. It is the “EVBox Elvi”. The “EVBox Elvi (E3160-A35062-10.2) “ emerged from this year’s ADAC test with poor results. The testers justify this with inadequate safety instructions, which in the worst case scenario can lead to installation errors. The box was almost at the same level as the test winner with good equipment, function and app, but the integrated residual direct current circuit breaker type A did not trip in a series of measurements. For customers who have already bought such a box, the manufacturer has already prepared a free firmware update. The ADAC advises affected customers to contact the manufacturer directly.
EVBox ELVI Connected Box

To the new Fiat 500 with electric drive Fiat offers a branded wallbox “EVBox Elvi”.

Also at Mitsubishi the customer can request one for his electrified vehicle Wallbox receive. They are branded Mitsubishi Motors but come from one cooperation with FIG. The boxes are according to information from Mitsubishi eligible, a service for installation The Japanese automaker can arrange this on request. To do this, the customer can get one at the Mitsubishi dealer Electricity tariff with 100 percent green electricity and one Charging chip for 29,000 charging points in Germany and some more all over Europe.

Installation and box in the package

Almost all manufacturers also offer or plan an installation service. As a rule, the car manufacturers work with a partner for this. In addition to Mercedes and Smart, The Mobility House supports a large number of other manufacturers. Installation is often offered at a fixed price or as a voucher. Here it is worth taking a closer look, as the costs can increase significantly depending on the effort (wall openings or cable laying). Therefore, an on-site installation check is recommended, which makes the effort and costs transparent in advance. This service costs from 200 euros. Important: The installation may only be carried out by certified electricians. There is a free one for questions KfW service number: 0800-539 90 05.

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