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‘WandaVision’ season 2 not ruled out, but Marvel first focuses on “the stories being told now”

WandaVision is not even completely finished, and yet the question arises whether there will be a second season of the series. According to Marvel CEO Kevin Feige, that sequel is not ruled out, but it is certainly not given priority.

With WandaVision Marvel took its first steps into the world of television. Those steps were a huge success. Fans are already begging for more WandaVision. A second season of the series is not impossible, if we are to believe Marvel CEO Kevin Feige. But fans shouldn’t hope too much for it right now.

“Second season for some series”

According to Feige, the possible second seasons of both are WandaVision as Falcon and the Winter Soldier just depending on the story. For example, some characters may appear in a movie and then return to a series. But Marvel is “planning second seasons of some series”. Kevin Feige told this during a panel.

First, focus on a good start

“We develop the series as we develop our film,” said Fiege when he was asked about second seasons. According to the Marvel CEO, it is important that you first focus on a good start before you start thinking about a sequel.

“I’ve been with Marvel for too long to say ‘no’ to a second season of WandaVisionFeige said. But he emphasizes that fans should not expect too much for now. There are several series in development that lend themselves slightly better to multiple seasons.

Marvel releases a new episode of it every week WandaVision on Disney +.


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