Warner Bros. plans to expand its DC films extremely from 2022

Warner wants to take it to the extreme with the DC films

Warner Bros. plans to release up to four DC theatrical films plus exclusive productions for the streaming service HBO Max from 2022. Does this superhero offensive lead to oversaturation?

In addition to the usual movies, you want to push one or two films straight to HBO Max each year. It should then be about films with smaller budgets that could be about lesser-known characters. So maybe this gives some space for creative experiments. According to the President for DC Fimilations, Walter Hamada, Warner Bros. is now also considering potential spin-offs for HBO Max with every DC movie.

This way of thinking is by no means new: Disney, for example, will also be adding numerous Marvel series to Disney + in the future, which are also offshoots of the MCU, i.e. the Marvel film universe. To name just a few, these are, for example, “Loki”, “WandaVision” or “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. However, with DC everything looks a bit more complicated.

There is already the Arrowverse with series like “The Flash”, “Supergirl” or “Batwoman”. There are also independent series such as “Doom Patrol” and “Titans”. So the spin-off films and series for HBO Max would then only complete the mess. And in the cinema, too, Warner Bros. wants to run several universes side by side in the future. This idea grew out of the massive success of “Joker”.

Two DC film universes are supposed to coexist

Warner would like to receive the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) one day. Part of this coherent film universe are about “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Man of Steel” and “Justice League”. There will also be the DC Multiverse. Standalone films like “Joker” or the upcoming “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson should be part of this universe. For some moviegoers, this might be confusing. Because as a result it could e.g. B. give Batman twice: once Pattinson in the independent “The Batman” and possible sequels and once Ben Affleck (or a successor) in the DCEU.

Time has to tell us whether the casual viewer feels overwhelmed by all of this or continues to fuel the superhero boom.

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