Warning: Do not buy from these online stores

Security experts warn of three online garden shops that only want your money but do not deliver any goods.

The security portals Watchlist Internet and Mimikama warn of three online garden shops. These are fake shops and only designed to cheat customers. These three online shops are:

  • (already offline)

  • (already offline)

  • (registered on July 18, 2022. Still online on August 12)

If you actually ordered something there and paid in advance, the money is probably gone. Nevertheless, contact your bank immediately, they may be able to stop the payment after all. Also, make a report to the police.

How to recognize fake shops

Typical for such fraudulent shops are the low decoy prices and advance payment as the only actually possible payment method. Many of these fake shops initially offer other payment options, but then ultimately prevent any other option and insist on payment in advance. Sometimes such fake shops even advertise on platforms like Facebook. So be suspicious.

Always check the imprint. Never pay in advance. Search the web for reviews of the online store in question. Is it possible to click on the seal of quality on the website and then take it to the issuer of the seal? Or is the seal of approval just an image? You can read more about how to recognize fake shops here:

This allows you to check fraudulent online shops directly: Fakeshop-Finder – free tool checks web shops and warns of fraudsters. This fake shop warning from consumer protection organizations has also classified the three online shops mentioned above as fraudulent.

Police: How to recognize fraudulent fake shops

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